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The Science Behind Blue Porta Potty Water

2023-12-07T12:34:11-06:00November 29th, 2023|Portable Toilets|

Have you ever wondered why the water in porta-potties is a vibrant shade of blue? It's not just a random aesthetic choice; there's actually a fascinating science behind this unusual hue. So, if you've ever pondered this potty puzzle, get ready for a flush of knowledge! Let's answer the question, why is porta potty water blue?

Understanding the Mechanism: How Does a Porta Potty Actually Work?

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The original idea for a portable toilet dates way back to the 40s. It wasn't until the 60s that George Harding filed the first patent. It's easy to take this invention for granted. The truth is that it's a versatile piece of technology that many people can't go without. You can find porta potties at

How to Choose Your Construction Porta Potty Partner

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It's shocking that almost eight million Americans work in the construction industry. Construction sites are busy places. There's a lot to manage to ensure safety and productivity. One of the top considerations is providing the right facilities for the workers. Are you on the lookout for a great construction porta potty partner? Read on to learn how you can find the right

How Many Porta-Potties per Person?

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Event planners have many responsibilities, from marketing and decorating to budgeting. Your top priority is to facilitate memorable, relevant, and profitable attendee experiences. You can't do this without factoring quality porta-potties into your planning. Step into the shoes of each individual attendee. You want a porta-potty readily available at all times. Thus, event planners have

Portable Bathroom for Sale: 3 Reasons Why Renting Is Better

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While many industries are reeling in the wake of Covid-19 and inflation, portable bathrooms are flourishing. By 2030, the industry is expected to grow to nearly $30 billion. This represents more than 7% compounding annual growth during uncertain economic times. Owning a portable bathroom is appealing for companies with a permanent need. However, there are

3 Advantages of Renting a Flushable Porta Potty

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A lot of planning goes into major events, like weddings, birthdays, or other large celebrations. Especially since the COVID pandemic, people have utilized outdoor space as a great way to accommodate a large number of guests. Outdoor events can present unique challenges in terms of weather and ensuring adequate facilities for guests. Believe it or

When You Gotta Go: The Ins and Outs of Outdoor Wedding Porta Potties

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It's estimated that around 68% of couples had an outdoor wedding in 2020.  Having a wedding outside is a beautiful option for your clinets; however, there are some important factors to consider.  As a wedding/event planner, you need to think about providing easy access to bathrooms for all the guests. It's not the most luxurious

5 Features You Should Include in Your Outdoor Bathroom Rental

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It's mind-boggling that the outdoor recreation industry is worth 2% of America's GDP. Are you planning to rent a portable toilet for an outdoor event? There are several important bathroom features you should consider. This will give your guests a comfortable and convenient bathroom experience. What should your outdoor bathroom have? Read on for five outdoor bathroom features

The Different Types of Outdoor Bathrooms for Construction Sites

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Managing a construction site? Looking into restroom options? If so, you're probably wondering what's available to you.  Fortunately, this article is going to cover that, showing you all the different types of outdoor bathrooms that are on the market today. Ready to rent a portable toilet? Let's get started! Standard Portable Toilet Up first is

Understanding Porta Potty Dimensions: What Size Should You Rent?

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The first patent for a porta-potty was given to George Harding in the 1960s. Since then, they've served to make large events and gatherings much more convenient.Not everyone understands how to choose the best porta-potty sizes, though. This is a crucial detail to consider when buying or renting event toilets. Let's explore what you should