A lot of planning goes into major events, like weddings, birthdays, or other large celebrations. Especially since the COVID pandemic, people have utilized outdoor space as a great way to accommodate a large number of guests. Outdoor events can present unique challenges in terms of weather and ensuring adequate facilities for guests.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a “luxury porta potty,” including those with flushable features. These are ideal for outdoor weddings, dinners, or any event where facilities are not readily accessible (or where you need additional restrooms).

This article lays out three advantages of renting a flushable porta potty. It will help you decide if it is the right addition for your event. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Heightened Sense of Luxury

A flushable porta potty has a holding tank that connects to a flushing system. Much like a standard toilet, when you lush, the porta potty waste is deposited in the tank rather than remaining inside the bathroom facility. The system then refills the toilet boil with fresh water.

All this contributes to a greater sense of luxury and sophistication. Guests are not forced to use typical porta johns, which can be shaky, loud, and uncomfortable. They can use the facilities in comfort and privacy. 

2. Increased Cleanliness

For outdoor concerts, festivals, or construction sites, standard porta potties might suffice. For special outdoor events–like weddings, birthdays, or retirement parties–you want a portable toilet with higher cleanliness standards.

Flushable toilets mimic the cleanliness of indoor restrooms. They remove waste from the vicinity and are well-ventilated. 

This translates to means decreased odors and a more pleasant, sanitary experience for users. Flushable porta johns also come with hands-free operation, an added hygienic convenience for your guests.

Flushable toilets also come with all of the necessary features you expect in high-end facilities. They typically include complete hand washing stations, which adds to sanitation. This also means a reduced chance of contamination throughout the event.

3. More Privacy and Comfort

Luxury porta johns offer increased space for guests. This makes it more comfortable and convenient versus using a cramped standard porta potty.

This can be especially advantageous for younger, older, disabled, or any guests who may have difficulty using a standard porta john. It makes using the restroom more enjoyable, which can translate to more comfortable guests and a more enjoyable event overall.

Find ‘Flushable Porta Potty Rentals Near Me’

Now that you understand the main advantages of a flushable porta potty, you can determine if it is the right addition to your event. A reputable porta john rental company can further advise on the advantages these units have to offer. It can elevate the status of your event and make it more enjoyable for your guests.

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