Porta John Rental

No matter the scope or size of your project, the last thing you have time to worry about is the quality and condition of your porta john rental. With FusionSite as your provider, you will have one less thing to worry about on the job site. We will deliver quality porta john rental units and thoroughly service them as requested. We feel so confident that we will be a partner you can count on that we developed our COMPLAINT FREE GUARANTEE.

Our Complaint Free Guarantee:

Our Complaint free guarantee means that should you, or anyone on your crew complain about the quality of the unit, and we don’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction in 24 hours, you will not be charged for the month of your porta john rental and service.

Porta John Rental Inventory

Our inventory includes traditional porta john rental that come standard with dome lights and grated floors as well as hanging units and roll away elevator units for high rise construction. We also provide holding tanks and service for commercial trailers, so let FusionSite be your one stop shop for all of your construction site toilet needs.

Standard porta potty


Our standard porta john rental toilets are durable units that will get the job done on any commercial build site, housing development, public works project or remodel job. Includes dome lighting, grated floors and “In-Use” locking mechanism for privacy and comfort. Regularly maintained, inspected and cleaned by FusionSite at your location.


There’s nothing like climbing several hundred feet down a ladder when you need to use the restroom. Fortunately, with FusionSite’s hanging porta john rental units, your workers won’t have to! Built with secure, reinforced steel cabling, our high rise units are perfect for any multi-story construction project.


Easily switch floors from day to day or as needed on a high rise construction project, with FusionSite’s roll away elevator porta john rental units. Roll the unit off the elevator, lock it in place and it’s ready to go. Perfect for projects where workers need to stay mobile.

Holding tank


Keep your worksite running smoothly and with fewer interruptions with holding tanks for FusionSite Service’s porta john rental. Perfect for short- or long-term build sites. Durably constructed, our holding tanks are built for the rigors of a site where they may need to be moved several times.

Portable sink


Portable hand washing stations from FusionSite are another fixture to keep your work site sanitary and clean. Features hands-free foot pumps, liquid soap and paper towels. Perfect for job sites where the water isn’t hooked up yet, these units can handle hundreds of washes between services.

Hand sanitation center


Our handi-stands are a quick and convenient way to keep your team healthy, especially during the winter months. With no water to freeze, these can be used on job sites all year long. The 4 dispenser set up can also service a large team quickly, and without the waste of paper towels.

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FusionSite has been partnering with our middle Tennessee neighbors for four decades. We provide sturdy, high quality porta john rental to handle any large or small construction project. Reliable access to convenient on-site restroom services will keep your build project running efficiently from start to finish – and you have one less thing to worry about with FusionSite on your side.

Plus, our porta john rental toilets will ensure that you are in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations when it comes to restroom access for workers. We even have ADA compliant toilets available if you have any staff or employees with mobility challenges. From road crews to municipal projects to brand-new high-rise construction, FusionSite can provide you with multiple portable restrooms tailored to your project needs.

With FusionSite Service’s commitment to customer service, your porta john rental will be delivered on time and serviced on time by our technicians. If anyone on your work crew is dissatisfied with the cleanliness of our portable outhouse units, we will correct the issue within 24 hours – or that rental is free.

Contact FusionSite today for all of your construction project porta john rental needs. We hope to be your one-stop shop for porta john rental services in middle Tennessee!


High quality, fast and friendly service. Contact FusionSite for all your porta potty rental needs.