Event planners have many responsibilities, from marketing and decorating to budgeting.

Your top priority is to facilitate memorable, relevant, and profitable attendee experiences. You can’t do this without factoring quality porta-potties into your planning.

Step into the shoes of each individual attendee. You want a porta-potty readily available at all times. Thus, event planners have to think about wait times, use times, and more factors.

Discover how many porta-potties per person you’ll need in this quick guide.

What Type of Event Are You Planning?

First, start with the event type. Some events will necessitate the need for more porta-potties than others.

Are you throwing a festival with lots of food and beverage vendors? Is the event a small conference with light refreshments?

While event capacity is an important metric to consider, it’s not the only metric. Online, you may read that a good “rule of thumb” is one porta-potty per 50 guests. However, that’s far too low for an event with several food and drink options.

It’s better to rent too many portable restrooms than not enough.

Gather Feedback

Always center the attendee experience. Read statistics and surveys about attendee preferences for event accommodations. The lack of available bathrooms and porta-potty quality is a big concern for guests.

Go the extra mile by preparing feedback forms and cards for attendees. You should always gather feedback from previous events so that you can improve accommodations for the next one. You can incorporate bathroom-related questions into the customer service section of your feedback card.

Ask about preferred porta-potty features, availability, and pet peeves to find trends among attendees.

Choose the Right Portable Bathroom Rentals

One mistake to avoid is renting the wrong porta-potty rental for your event. If you’re planning a food festival, don’t rent portable bathrooms designed for construction sites. Wedding events also require “higher-end” bathroom rentals.

Always refer back to attendees’ preferences. Assume that you’ll have guests with special needs at the event. Thus, always include special needs bathrooms (or handicap units) in your porta-potty budget.

Think about the value of providing luxury bathroom trailers. These units are much larger and provide guests with mirrors, sinks, paper towels, quality flooring, and climate control. These models aren’t just ideal for high-end events but festivals of all types.

Rent Porta-Potties Well In Advance

It’s important to rent your portable bathroom as soon as you have an accurate number. This move will ensure you book the proper accommodations for your event.

Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Always plan for more people to show up than expected.

Calculate how many porta potties per person per day were used at your last event. This data will yield a ballpark number. Over time, you’ll get a better sense of the average number per event.

How Many Porta-Potties Per Person Do I Need?

Assess your porta potty requirements by event type, attendees’ needs, event feedback, and customer service. Go above and beyond instead of taking a risk with the bare minimum.

Don’t rely on event capacity alone to determine how many porta-potties per person you’ll need.

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