While many industries are reeling in the wake of Covid-19 and inflation, portable bathrooms are flourishing. By 2030, the industry is expected to grow to nearly $30 billion. This represents more than 7% compounding annual growth during uncertain economic times.

Owning a portable bathroom is appealing for companies with a permanent need. However, there are some drawbacks to ownership to be aware of.

For these reasons, renting a portable bathroom is becoming increasingly popular. Read on to learn why you should shy away from a portable bathroom for sale.

1. Keep Your Operating Expenses Down

The financial reasons for choosing rental over ownership are strong. Instead of shelling out thousands to buy a portable toilet, you can spread the cost out over a longer period of time.

This is especially true for companies who only need it on a temporary basis. For example, festivals and outdoor weddings have porta potty uses. However, their usage is limited to a few weekends per year.

In these cases, there is little justification to buy a permanent asset. Instead, your business can rent a porta-potty for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, you are not responsible for maintaining the rental. This keeps your operating expenses down as cleaning and repairs are no longer your responsibility.

2. Avoid Vandalism and Theft

Unfortunately, porta-potties are a big target for vandals and thieves. In Portland, for instance, the city purchased hundreds of portable bathrooms for its homeless population.

After a few months, city officials reported that every unit was vandalized or damaged. This is disruptive to business operations and may push away potential customers.

Vandalism gives the impression that your business is not safe. It also adds unnecessary work for your employees, leaving them to clean the mess.

Portable toilet rental eliminates this problem altogether. When you are done using it, the porta-potty is returned and no longer vulnerable to vandalism or theft.

3. Eliminate Servicing

When you purchase a portable bathroom, you are responsible for servicing the unit. This includes removing human waste and cleaning it to an acceptable standard.

Few employees want to take this challenge on. They want to focus on the job that they are supposed to do. 

It is safe to assume that most of your workers are unqualified to repair damages or perform preventative maintenance. By renting, you shift this responsibility to another party. The company that you rent from will clean, repair, and perform all servicing so that you do not have to.

Top Reasons to Avoid a Portable Bathroom For Sale

You may find an affordable porta-potty and consider buying it. Trust us when we say it is not worth the hassle. Take the burden off your business by renting portable bathrooms from us instead.

We will take care of all of the dirty work and make sure your porta-potty is fully serviced. This decision will also help your business save money in the long run.

If you are giving up on a portable bathroom for sale, contact us today at FusionSite to start the rental process.