Have you ever thought that you may be emptying a porta potty the wrong way? 

Either way, cleaning a porta potty is not fun, but if you’ve been doing it wrong, it is definitely not a fun time.

Keep reading to learn how to empty a porta potty the right way!

Step 1

When emptying a porta potty, the first thing you have to do is empty the waste. Sanitation workers would typically insert a vacuum or hose into the opening of the toilet. The other end goes into a truck or a waste management system.

That way, the waste goes right into where it needs to go in a sanitary way. This waste, if not directly attached to a sanitation system, will be transported to a wastewater treatment facility for treatment.

Step 2

Once the porta potty is empty, the job is not done.

You have to add blue additives to the toilet. This disinfects the toilet as bacteria starts to build up as well as lessens the odor of the toilet.

This additive also helps to measure the use of the porta potty. When the additive starts to turn green, it is time for emptying the porta potty.

Step 3

Once all of the waste is out of the toilet and the additive is in, you are not done! 

You still have to scrub the actual porta potty itself. This part is likely dirty as well and has to be sanitized properly. While the dirt and debris in the porta potty may not be waste, there will be trash, toilet paper, and muddy footprints to clean. 

The entire unit needs scrubbing from top to bottom for proper sanitation purposes—even the roof!

Step 4

Now it is time to add disinfectant. While this is not mandatory, this is something that takes cleaning to the next level to ensure safety. By adding a disinfectant to the porta potty, this will reduce mold and odor from any bacteria buildup.

Step 5

Luckily, steps one through four are over because these are the hardest parts! The porta potty is now clean. However, you have to make sure the porta potty has enough stock of everything like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

These should be stocked when the porta potty is cleaned as well as every few days (depending on use).

How to Empty a Porta Potty 

No one wants to empty a porta potty. However, it is something that has to be done—and often as much as we use them—from football games and races like the NYC marathon to construction sites and everything in between.

However, you want to make sure to empty it the right way—and now you know how to empty a porta potty correctly! 

If you need a porta potty at your next event, contact us at FusionSite. We will make sure to provide you with the cleanest facilities!