It’s estimated that around 68% of couples had an outdoor wedding in 2020. 

Having a wedding outside is a beautiful option for your clinets; however, there are some important factors to consider. 

As a wedding/event planner, you need to think about providing easy access to bathrooms for all the guests. It’s not the most luxurious part of planning a wedding, but it is crucial. 

When you think of wedding porta potties, a blue plastic box may come to mind, but there is another option. Outdoor guest restrooms have come a long way, and you’re going to learn all about them below. 

We’ll be discussing everything you need to know about wedding toilets so you can plan the perfect wedding.  

Benefits of Wedding Porta Potties

There are a number of benefits that both the couple and their guests can benefit from when it comes to renting wedding porta potties. 

The first is convenience. Having an accessible restroom that is close by will ensure the guests do not have to travel far from the venue to use the facilities.

You don’t want guests to have to walk far from either the ceremony site or the reception to go to the bathroom. Having wedding portable toilets ensures your guests’ comfort.

Luxury portable toilets now come equipped with features such as flushing capacity, running water, good lighting, and mirrors. This will provide an exceptional experience.

Guests won’t have to dread using the bathroom. Luxury, portable toilets are also cleaner and more hygienic. 

Porta potties can help reduce the impact on the wedding venue itself. In outdoor settings, this can mean preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings and avoiding potential damage to existing facilities.

What to Consider

When you’re renting wedding porta potties, you’ll need to consider the number of guests that are attending. Having too few bathrooms can lead to problems and reduce the guests’ experience. 

You’ll also want to consider amenities. Guests will appreciate features such as spacious interiors, vanity mirrors, and high-quality fixtures. Not all outdoor toilets are created equal, so be sure to do your research. 

Looking at a company’s online reputation can also be beneficial and ensure a smooth rental process. You’ll want to choose a reputable rental company with a history of providing excellent service for weddings and events.

Budget is another important aspect. Your clients will likely give you a budget, so take the time to find a rental that’s within their price range. 

Depending on the wedding theme or style, you can choose porta potties that match the aesthetic of your event. Some rental companies offer units with elegant exteriors and interiors.

A Lavish Loo: Wedding Porta Potties

Gone are the days of smelly, plastic porta potties. As you can see, opting for luxury wedding porta potties is a much better option for your event. 

By sprucing up the restroom area, you can ensure that the guests are comfortable and that the wedding day goes off without a hitch.

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