It’s mind-boggling that the outdoor recreation industry is worth 2% of America’s GDP.

Are you planning to rent a portable toilet for an outdoor event? There are several important bathroom features you should consider. This will give your guests a comfortable and convenient bathroom experience.

What should your outdoor bathroom have? Read on for five outdoor bathroom features you can’t miss.

1. Portable Toilets with Sinks

One of the top features to include in your restroom trailer is a sink. These sinks are a game-changer when it comes to hygiene and convenience.

They allow your guests to wash their hands after using the restroom. This is crucial for keeping germs at bay.

The sinks are often equipped with foot-operated pumps or sensor faucets to provide running water without the need for electricity. They come with soap dispensers and paper towel holders.

This offers a complete handwashing solution. By providing portable toilets with sinks, you prioritize the health of your guests while also enhancing the whole experience.

2. Portable Toilets with Mirrors

Another essential feature to consider is portable toilets with mirrors. Mirrors are not only a practical addition but also contribute to the comfort of your guests. Having a mirror inside the restroom allows people to do the following:

  • Freshen up
  • Check their appearance
  • Ensure they look their best

Mirrors are especially appreciated at events like weddings, outdoor parties, and corporate gatherings. The guests will want to maintain a polished look. Including mirrors in your outdoor bathroom rental will help them feel more at ease and confident throughout the event.

3. Adequate Outdoor Bathroom Ventilation

Proper ventilation is a must-have feature for any portable toilet or restroom trailer. Adequate ventilation helps eliminate unpleasant odors and ensures a fresh and comfortable atmosphere inside the restroom. Nobody wants to use a stuffy, poorly ventilated restroom, so make sure your outdoor bathroom rental has this crucial feature.

Ventilation can be achieved through vents, exhaust fans, or other air circulation systems. When your guests step into a well-ventilated restroom, they’ll appreciate the thought and effort put into their comfort and hygiene.

4. Maintained and Clean Facilities

When you rent a portable toilet, it’s not only about the features. It’s also about the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities. Make sure the rental company you choose maintains their portable toilets and restroom trailers often.

Cleanliness is paramount to ensure your guests have a pleasant experience. Regular cleaning includes the following:

  • Emptying waste tanks
  • Replenishing supplies (toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, etc.)
  • Sanitizing all surfaces

Maintained facilities not only keep your guests happy but also reflect positively on your event planning efforts.

5. ADA-Compliant Options

It’s also important to consider the accessibility needs of all your guests. Including ADA-compliant portable toilets or restroom trailers ensures that individuals with disabilities can use the facilities in a comfortable and safe way.

ADA-compliant options are designed to accommodate wheelchair users. They provide the necessary space and features, such as handrails and wider doorways.

By offering inclusive restroom facilities, you demonstrate your commitment to making your event accessible to everyone. It’s a thoughtful and considerate choice that can be appreciated by all your guests.

You Need These Portable Toilet Features

When you rent an outdoor bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of these key features. These features will contribute to the success of your event.

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