Managing a construction site? Looking into restroom options? If so, you’re probably wondering what’s available to you. 

Fortunately, this article is going to cover that, showing you all the different types of outdoor bathrooms that are on the market today. Ready to rent a portable toilet? Let’s get started!

Standard Portable Toilet

Up first is the standard portable toilet. This is the conventional rent a toilet that you’ll see at any park or outdoor gathering. It’s meant to stand up on the ground and not move once it’s placed there. 

These toilets are built to withstand all types of wear and tear, from weathering to physical abuse and otherwise. Made out of heavy-duty plastic and containing grated floors, they do a great job of letting out residual odors. 

Standard portable toilets are built with white domes. This enables sunlight to seep into the toilets, making it easy for users to see during use. 

When you rent a standard unit from us here at FusionSite, you get regular maintenance and inspection services. This ensures as sanitary an experience as possible and also ensures that you meet health regulations. 

Hanging Portable Toilet

Working several stories above the ground? If so, traveling down a ladder or going down a lift might not be a feasible option when duty calls. This is why hanging portable toilets exist. 

These toilets can be literally hung from beams high off the ground. They’re equipped with steel-reinforced wires, ensuring that there’s zero chance of them breaking loose and falling to the ground. 

Inside, hanging portable toilets have all the features of standard toilets. This includes ventilation, a white dome, and ample room to move around. 

If you’d like to discuss more about hanging portable toilets, give us a call. We’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

Roll Away Toilet

The last type of toilet we’re going to talk about is the roll away toilet. This is a portable toilet with wheels. These wheels lock when necessary but can then be unlocked to allow for complete maneuverability. 

These construction site toilets suit all types of purposes. However, they’re most beneficial for projects in which several stories are being built. This way, once a new story is built, you can simply roll the toilet to the elevator and move it up electronically. 

As far as features go, roll away toilets are the same as standard and hanging toilets. They provide ample space, ventilation, and sunlight. They can also be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and the like. 

Searching for Outdoor Bathrooms in Nashville, TN?

What do you think? What types of outdoor bathrooms are right for your construction site? Are you searching for outdoor bathrooms in Nashville, TN?

If so, we here at FusionSite are the ones to see. We offer all types of construction toilets, from standard units to hanging units to roll away units and more. Regardless of your needs, our team will deliver your chosen units to your construction site and clean them as needed. 

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