Event planning is stressful, and you’ve been working on every last detail. You’ve got the decorations, the entertainment, the food, the guest list, and now you’re working on renting a porta john (or several) to make sure your guests are comfortable and taken care of. 

What exactly can you expect from this rental, though? 

If you’ve never gone through the process of renting a porta-potty, you might just think you grab one and go, and that will be enough.

The reality is a little more complicated and dependant on your specific event.

Keep reading for a quick overview of what you should expect from your porta john rental experience.  

Why Does Event Size Matter? 

Depending on the size and type of the event that you’re hosting, your visitors and guests are going to have different needs. 

You can’t expect to have the same porta-potty experience for a small gathering of 10 or 20 people for a baby shower at the park as you would for a large festival.

What about a wedding which likely fits somewhere in the middle? 

You need to consider how many people might need to be in the restroom at any given time and the amount of inconvenience that any person might be willing to put up with to wait. 

Your goal as an event planner is to keep lines to a minimum while also not over-renting, so you don’t end up with unused space.

You want happy guests, clean spaces that won’t be overused, and no overwhelming lines. 

How Do I Rent Based on My Event?

There are a few ways to go about this.  

An event that lasts about 4 hours or less with 100 people or less can get by with one porta john. This is if the event isn’t serving substantial food or alcohol. Your guests likely won’t have too much to clean up and may only visit the restroom by chance.

An event that lasts longer will require more. An event with more women will also require more restrooms as they tend to have longer lines. 

If you’re serving alcohol, you will also need more restrooms simply because of the way that the body reacts to alcohol consumption

An event that has a higher percentage of women than men, that will have alcohol on the menu, or that will last longer than 4 hours (or all 3) will require more than one porta john per 100 people. 

In this case, you should aim for about 4 per 100 people for an average event. 

If your event is “fancier”, it would be prudent to aim slightly higher to account for more time spent adjusting clothing and makeup in a restroom. You can also get luxury porta johns that make this a more comfortable process.

Renting a Porta John for Your Next Event is Easy 

Whether you’re planning a small, brief get-together or a bridal bash, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to make your guests wait in lines or use over-used restrooms. We can make sure that you have enough room for everyone. 

If you’re interested in renting a porta john for your next event, visit our site. We have everything you need.