Fancy events, like weddings and anniversaries, deserve the finest design choices and accommodations. And if you’re hosting an upscale outdoor event, that means you’ll want the finest portable restrooms on hand, too. With a record-setting number of weddings in 2022, there’s never been more demand for luxurious touches.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, wedding, or festival, plan on upgrading your bathroom accommodations. Stay with us to learn about the four benefits of renting luxury porta potties!

1. Offer a Climate-Controlled Environment

Most portable bathrooms rely on vents for air circulation. By contrast, luxury portable restrooms offer the benefit of climate-controlled spaces. This is a significant upgrade over standard rental restrooms when you’re hosting a classy event.

2022 saw some of the hottest summer temperatures on record. For guests attending summer festivals and weddings, it can feel especially sweltering. That’s where a luxury restroom trailer can provide a welcome break from the heat.

2. Make Your Bathroom Space Unique

When you’re hosting a special event, you want to add personal touches to the experience. Rental restrooms don’t have to be exempt from that effort. And with a luxury restroom trailer, it will be easier to integrate a few custom design elements.

You can place a bouquet of flowers by the sink or some giveaways in a basket for guests. Spruce up the trailer’s railing with a decorative wrap and place a sign honoring the featured members of the event.

Some luxury trailers are customizable, too, before you even add your personal touches. You may be able to request specific paint colors, lighting fixtures, or other accents.

3. Give Guests More Space

Some luxury trailers offer access to multiple stalls, meaning that guests won’t be stuck waiting in line under the hot sun. In other instances, an entire trailer can be devoted to one stall. This gives guests the gift of space.

For guests with young children, they can change diapers or clothing. Guests dressed in elaborate dresses or suits will have enough room, too, so they don’t damage their clothing. And with spacious vanities and bigger mirrors, it will be easier to refresh makeup or adjust jewelry before exiting. 

4. Elevate Your Event

One of the best ways to make a positive impression at your event is with a luxury portable toilet. Guests will appreciate a classier space when they need to use the facilities. And they won’t need to fumble with a flashlight or phone to see what they’re doing as the sun goes down. 

Many luxury units boast nicer finishes, like large and well-lit mirrors. Additionally, laminate flooring, elegant fixtures, and ample lighting combine to create a better experience. Luxury units tend to be cleaner, too, since they have running water and flushable toilets.

Rent the Best Luxury Porta Potties

Luxury porta potties can elevate your next event. You’ll treat guests to a climate-controlled space with better amenities. And guests will enjoy having more space and seeing your unique decorative touches. 

Find the right portable restrooms for your upcoming event. Reach out to us for help!