Renting restroom trailers and portable toilets is an essential part of any outdoor event. People will eventually need to use the restroom, and not every space will have public ones available. 

However, luxury events should have nice portable restrooms to match their aesthetic. Nothing says poor planning like a wedding with a few tiny, cramped stalls. VIP portable restrooms come in varying sizes, with all kinds of features and amenities. 

Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re renting some out for your upcoming VIP events. 

1. Your Desired Features

Before you rent out portable toilets, consider what kind of features you want or need. The most affordable mobile restrooms don’t flush or have a sink with running water. They’re also much smaller and cramped, so your guests will be trapped with all that stink. 

Paying more gives you access to more options, such as restrooms with smart features and room to stretch. Nice portable restrooms may also have air conditioning and good lighting for anyone that wants a comfortable experience. 

2. Sizes of Your Portable Toilets

Another consideration is the size of your portable toilets. Depending on the type of event you’re holding, you may want some room for guests to clean themselves up. Larger restrooms also allow them to change clothes if necessary. 

Once again, larger toilets with more features will have higher price tags. However, they can make or break an event. 

3. How Many People Will Attend Your VIP Events

Even if you include luxury toilets in the budget for your VIP events, you’ll need to make sure you rent out the right amount. Too many will be a waste of money, and too little may cause issues later on in the day. 

A good guideline to follow is the one established by OSHA for construction workers. Their job sites legally require at least one toilet seat and urinal per 40 workers. You may want to rent out additional units if you intend to serve alcohol, though. 

4. Where to Place Luxury Restroom Trailers

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to placement. First, you want your toilets somewhere with high visibility. You also want them in a place that’s easily accessible to anyone that needs them. 

Keep your toilets a good distance from food and drink vendors to avoid mixing scents. Put up signs to direct guests to them. This is especially helpful if they’re located around any corners or out of sight. 

Prepare for Your Upcoming Outdoor Events

The last thing people think about when they visit VIP events is how fancy the toilets will be. However, they’ll definitely notice it when they encounter features like climate control, lighting, and functional sinks. They won’t be stuck in a cramped box that hasn’t been cleaned out. 

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