In the United States, the porta-potty industry has grown faster than the economy overall.  The size of the market increased by 4.6% per year from 2015 to 2020. When measured by revenue the porta potty business is currently a $2.1 billion dollar industry.

When you need bathroom facilities for any event, renting a porta potty is the way to go.  Let’s take a look at the different events ideal for renting a portable restroom.

Renting a Porta Potty Is the Way to Go

When you have an event, you want to make sure you have enough bathroom facilities for your guests to use comfortably without overflow. Here are seven types of events where you should consider using portable bathroom rentals.

1) Graduation or Retirement Party

Whether graduation from school or the other milestone of retirement, open houses are the normal way to celebrate. Reduce foot traffic through your home by setting up a couple of porta-potties outside.  The reduced stress on our sewer or septic system will thank you.

2) Wine or Beer Tasting Event

This type of social event encourages a lot of drinking. This means people make frequent trips to the bathroom. Keep your event guests happy by providing multiple bathroom facilities with a row of porta john rentals.

3) Wedding

A beautiful backyard wedding with everyone dressed in their best. This is where the rental of a luxury porta potty is the perfect solution. It has an elegant look both outside and inside to fit the décor of the event.

This upscale porta potty includes deluxe features including mirrors, vanities, sinks with hot and cold running water, and flush toilets. They are even spacious enough to be used as changing rooms.

4) Family Reunion

Frequently held in backyards or outside parks with adults and children attending, frequent use of the bathroom is inevitable. Cut down on long lines at the small park restroom and save wear-and-tear on your home plumbing by renting porta-potties and a handwashing station.

5) Corporate Events or Conference

You are holding a training event in an outside venue. You don’t want attendees missing out on important information while standing in line for a restroom. This is another event where an upgraded porta-potty with handwashing facilities, mirrors, and running water and flush toilets can add a nice touch to your event.

6) Construction Site or Temporary Labor Farm

When you have employees on the job in a remote location, you must provide restroom facilities.  OSHA sets the standards for the minimum number of toilets that must be provided for employees. Those standards include a minimum of two toilets per sex if there are 16-35 employees and four per sex if 46-80 employees.

7) Disaster Relief

Whenever there is a major disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, flooding, building collapse, major fire, sanitation is lost. This is where a supply of porta potties can bring relief to both displaced persons and emergency responders.

The Way to Go for Every Event

If you have an event approaching and need to resolve the restroom issue, renting a porta potty is the way to go. Contact us now for a quote. We will help you determine the type of porta potty best for your event and how many are needed to accommodate the expected number of guests.  Call us today at (615) 783-0700.