Sanitization is critical for events, and hand washing is a key aspect of keeping things clean. Whether you’re running a fair, a show, or a concert, you need to make sure people have the chance to wash up. How do you best ensure that?

Here are three things you should always include with your hand washing sinks to get you started.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is key at any hand washing station, but it is imperative in places where you can’t get large amounts of clean water. Even with water available, people will want to have something to kill germs and clean their hands.

While using hand sanitizer isn’t as effective as using soap and water, it can help kill and remove germs. Just make sure you get a good brand of hand sanitizer that is actually effective at killing germs!

The downside to hand sanitizer is, it’s not always useful for everything. Hand sanitizer isn’t great for all personal hygiene situations and isn’t great for washing things besides hands. 

Paper Towels

For dirty, greasy, or grimy hands, hand sanitizer isn’t very effective. Even if you don’t have running water, people will be happy to at least have the chance to clean dirt off their hands.

It’s an especially good idea to have paper towels on hand if your event is rather dirty. A wedding probably won’t need them as much as a rodeo or 4H event. If there’s any chance that people will get dirty or muddy, you definitely want to give them something to wipe it off!

Paper towels are also a necessity for your stations, whether you have just hand sanitizer or if you’re able to add water as well. People want to dry their hands and wipe up after washing. And you never know when you’ll need to use a paper towel as a towel, a handkerchief, or a rag!

Soap and Water

The best thing you can include with your hand washing stations, if at all possible, is soap with clean water. You don’t necessarily need antibacterial soap, but you should try your best to give the option of washing hands with water and soap. 

There’s nothing really that’s better for cleanliness than soap and water. If there’s any viable way to add water reserves to your portable stations or to use sinks, do it! People will especially appreciate this if you have to use porta johns at your wedding, graduation, or other events.

Obviously, it is great to add paper towels and hand sanitizer to your cleaning setup, but out of the three, the soap and water combo is the best to have. It’s hard to go wrong there, and it’s even better to include the paper towels and sanitizer to round things out.

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