Quick wedding details checklist: have you booked your flowers, your caterer, your day-of coordinator? How about your porta johns? These may not seem like they belong at the top priority of your wedding necessity list.

Trying to have your dream outdoor wedding? Want your wedding day to run smoothly? Depending on your venue, portable bathrooms may be the solution.

Need more convincing? Read about the top five reasons why a porta john rental is a must for your wedding.

1. Turn Any Location Into a Venue

Have you dreamed of a remote cabinet wedding? Do you know of a beautiful field that would be perfect to get married in? Or are you wanting a sentimental venue like the backyard of your childhood home?

What’s the one factor that’s stopping you from getting married there? Bathrooms!

However, with a portable bathroom rental, you can transform all of these spaces and more into a venue suitable to celebrate all night.

2. More Convenient and Comfortable for Guests

When you plan to invite your family and close friends to your wedding, you want to show them a good time. Holding your bladder when you’re trying to have fun is no way to spend the night.

Choosing to rent a porta potty for your wedding will allow your guest convenient access to a bathroom no matter what kind of venue you’re hosting at.

Having accessible restrooms means much more comfortable guests, so they’ll be letting loose on the dance floor without worry.

3. An Opportunity for Customization

A wedding is all about celebrating the love between you and your special person. And every couple is looking for a way to stand out from the other weddings.

You can add customized details to your portable bathroom that are sure to stand out from other events. You may choose to add bathroom activities or a poem to the back of the door as a little detail that stands out from the rest. 

4. A Little Bit of Luxury

Want a little more luxury for your wedding? You don’t have to use the traditional porta potty! Why not try a luxury restroom trailer?

These luxury mobile restrooms feature lighting, laminate flooring, mirrors, and sinks. And great for outdoor weddings, the trailers also have climate controls available.

With these amenities, your guest may even forget that it’s not a traditional bathroom.

5. Great for Long Weekends

Planning a multi-day affair for your nuptials? How about a change of location over the weekend? Hiring a portable restroom company is a great solution.

Hire the service once, and you have bathrooms for the entire duration of your event.

Have a portable bathroom delivered before your wedding and be able to use it for pre-wedding events like a rehearsal dinner or when hosting out-of-town guests.

Rent Porta Johns for Your Wedding

You want your wedding day to go perfectly. After all, you’ve spent months planning every single detail of the day. Renting porta johns for your wedding can be the one factor that creates your ideal day.

Whether you’re looking to have a remote mountain wedding or you’re heading back to your family’s backyard for the reception, a portable bathroom rental can make your event run more smoothly.

Ready to check a portable toilet rental off your wedding to-do list? Get a free quote on our special event rentals today!