Nature’s call is coming your way! The average person pees six or seven times a day, or roughly once every four hours. If you’re hosting a party, you need to provide at least one Porta John rental. Most people know they need to do this. But knowing where to place your potties is a different story. 

How many Porta John rentals do you need? Where would your Porta Johns be most effective? How can you make your rentals easy to access?

Answer these questions and you can have a comfortable and happy outdoor event. Here is your quick guide.

Calculate How Many People Will Be at Your Event

Ask any porta-potty rental company, and they’ll tell you that you need one Porta John for every 50 guests. Figure out how many people are going to be at your event. Look at your ticket sales, count your RSVPs, and ask your guests if they will be bringing anyone else. 

When in doubt, get one more porta-potty than you need. You should also get an additional rental if your event is going to run longer than four hours. 

You can get any type of potty you want. Standard toilets are the most basic and cheapest option. But you may want to get an ADA-accessible toilet and a toilet with an internal baby-changing station.

Figure Out High-Traffic Areas

You should put your potties near locations where people are going to gather. However, you should move them off to the side so you do not interfere with how people move through your venue space. If your guests are gathering on a patio, place at least one potty beside the patio. 

You can space your rentals out, especially if you have a large venue. Some guests may need to use the bathroom as they arrive, so you can place a few rentals in the parking lot.

Make sure the smell of the potties will not drive your guests away. You can turn the rentals to the side so the odor is weaker.

Create Pathways to Each Porta John Rental

At a large venue, you should have signs directing people to where the bathrooms are. You can also have signs in front of the rentals so guests know what they are. 

The ground leading up to each rental should be flat and dry. You can place mats or tiles on the ground so people can walk easily. 

If you have a group of rentals together, you should leave space in front of them so people can wait in line. You can place portable sinks in this area if they are not in the toilets. Feel free to put some toilet cleaning tools in a box nearby so you or an employee can clean the potty. 

Take Your Event to the Next Level

Don’t rush your Porta John rental process. Figure out how many rentals you will need at your event. You can reduce your Porta John rental cost by selecting standard toilets, but make sure you have enough for everyone. 

Figure out where your guests are going to go and how they will arrive at your venue. Place your toilets in places that are easy to access. Create clear pathways and use signs to direct people where they need to go. 

If you’re confused, talk to porta-potty professionals in your area. FusionSite serves the Nashville area. Contact us today.