Before hosting an outdoor event or gathering, you must ensure you have the right accommodations. One such accommodation is portable restrooms.

Having these facilities on-site is smart; however, when renting portable restrooms, you may wonder how many you need.

This is a good question, and there are several factors to consider when determining how many porta potties you need.

Length of Event and Number of Attendees

Several factors determine the number of restroom facilities you need for your upcoming event. Two of the most important include how long the event is scheduled to last and how many people will attend.

A good example is this one porta John rental can accommodate a maximum of 50 people for a four-hour event. If you have double the guests, you need to double the portable restrooms you need.

The number of porta potties you rent will increase for longer events. For example, an outdoor sporting event may draw around 100 spectators and last for just a few hours. In this case, having two portable toilets is sufficient.

However, you will need four outdoor restroom facilities for a music festival that will last all day and have 100 attendees.

It can become confusing when determining the number of portable restrooms you need for events. This is especially true for larger events that last for days or weeks.

Talking to professionals is a good way to determine how many restroom stalls you need.  

Considerations for Attendees with Disabilities

It does not matter if you have a big or small event planned; you should have a minimum of one handicap-accessible porta potty.

For a larger crowd, have one handicap-accessible unit for every 20 attendees.

You must also keep equity in mind when you rent a porta potty. If you choose luxury options, ensure those with disabilities can access them, too.

Food and Alcohol Services

Are you providing access to adult beverages during your event? If so, your porta potty rental numbers will increase.

Drinking alcohol causes people to need to use the restroom facilities more often. This means your stalls will reach their capacity much faster.

You must ensure you do not encounter a situation where the stalls are being overfilled. Add a few more units to your rental order to ensure this doesn’t happen.

It is also necessary to provide handwashing stations next to any food vendors present. Most porta potty rental services provide these as part of their package deals.

What to Know About Renting Portable Restrooms

If you have an event scheduled, you must consider the restroom accommodations you have present. When renting portable restrooms, use the guidelines mentioned above to get the right number of units.

Are you ready to rent these units for your upcoming event? If so, contact us for a quote.

We can help ensure you have the restroom facilities you need for any event you have scheduled.