Porta potties. They can be a great investment for any company or event group that is looking to put on an outdoor event. 

The problem with having an event outdoors is that there are not always sufficient places to go to the bathroom. 

What can you do? You can rent a bathroom. 

This is why there are nearly 16,000 employees across the United States dedicated to providing porta potty rental. 

If you are someone that is trying to organize an outdoor event, you may not know how many porta potties you are going to need. This guide will help give you an idea. 

Length of the Event 

One thing you are going to have to factor is how long you plan on having your event for. 

If the event is only for a couple of hours, it is safe to assume that not as many people are going to need to use the bathroom. However, if your event goes on for several hours, it is going to increase the likelihood of somebody needing the bathroom. 

The average person uses the bathroom about seven times per day

Let’s say that your event here is going to be about eight hours. It is safe to assume that an individual may need the bathroom two or three times in that stretch. 

The point here is that you need to factor in how long your event is going to last to get an idea of how many times people may need to go to the bathroom. 

Number of People 

Another factor you are going to have to consider is how many people you expect to show up to your event. When it comes to a flea market, people are likely going to be popping in and out. 

A safe bet for you may be getting one porta potty rental for every 50 people that you expect to show up. Let’s say that there are 200 people at your flea market at one time. In this situation, you would need four porta potties. 

Think about how many people you want one toilet to be able to cover at one time and go from there. 

Size of Location 

Finally, you need to factor in how big your flea market is. Is it small enough that it takes up less than a parking lot? Does it stretch out long enough to cover a city park? 

Depending on the size of your location, you may need additional porta potties to shorten the distance for a working toilet. Take a good look at the space for your flea market and figure out how long it would take to walk to each end of it. Then, see if you need to have extra porta potties in the middle of the venue. 

Rent a Bathroom 

These are the biggest factors you need to consider for how many bathrooms you need at a flea market. You need to know how long your flea market is going to go for, how many people may show up at one time, and the size of the flea market. ‘

Then, you will know how many bathrooms you need. 

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