As communities across the United States begin to outline their plans for opening back up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hostesses, brides, and birthday girls are also scrambling to make summer plans. Or, in many cases, to pivot from the plans they had previously made. For the foreseeable future, we should be socializing outdoors whenever possible. 

If you have a June wedding or graduation party planned, or if you’re turning the big 5-0 in August, here are the reasons you should look into portable bathroom rental.

1. Accommodate a Crowd

No matter how large your backyard or property is, chances are you only have three or four bathrooms in your home — max. Renting porta potties can help you avoid lines of guests waiting to use the facilities. That means everyone can get back to the fun that much sooner.

2. Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Remember the last time you had a big party? Remember how Uncle Chad had one too many Bud Lite Limes — and the havoc he wreaked on your guest bath? It’s a lot of fun to host a big backyard bash, but it’s not always fun to clean up after one.

If you have rented facilities outdoors, you can close off the indoor bathrooms and keep them clean.

3. The Less Foot Traffic, the Fewer Germs

Even before the novel coronavirus swept over the globe, causing illness and death wherever it went, germs were a significant problem. By restricting the number of people who have to traipse in and out of your home to powder their nose, you can keep the germ count down too.

4. Less Cleaning of the Whole Home

Of course, these days, you simply can’t be too careful. We know that the virus that causes COVID-19 can live on surfaces. How long it lives and is transmissible? That depends on the surface as well as several other factors. However, it could be between a couple of hours and a couple of days.

For that reason, consider taking steps to keep everyone but family members from entering the home at all, including:

  • Having the entire event catered
  • Supplying plenty of cups, plates, and silverware
  • Providing outdoor seating
  • Renting ample outdoor bathrooms
  • Offering handwashing and sanitizing stations
  • Hanging signs or even locking the doors

This will drastically cut down on the cleaning you have to do — both before and after the shindig!

5. Minimize Breakage and Theft

Let’s face it: it’s not just your unruly uncle or carousing coworkers you have to worry about. When you throw a large party, like a wedding, people can bring guests you’ve never even met before. Unfortunately, you never know what those folks might get up to if they have access to your home. 

Particularly if they’re drinking, they could disrespect your treasured belongings or even pocket valuables that are appealing to them. They might rifle through your drawers or search for medications to steal. 

If you prevent people from wandering into your home, you remove those temptations.

Portable Bathroom Rental Just Makes Sense

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to keep guests from going into your home. Your hospitality doesn’t have to extend to your private indoor spaces. One great way to keep people out of doors and enjoying the party? Portable bathroom rental.

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