Planning a big event in need of public restrooms? Providing a porta potty or a few for the public is great for events, but can cause problems for the renters.

You might be wary of the difficulties with renting when thinking about vandalism and other things that may occur with porta potties. 

We’ve all seen porta potties covered in graffiti, or even tipped over by some rebellious individuals. However, you can definitely rent a porta potty safely, and by taking a few preliminary steps, prevent such behavior from harming your event.

Porta Potty Problem Prevention

Depending on your resources, some of these solutions will be more doable. There’s no reason you should worry about porta potty rental if you take some of these steps. 


Tipping a porta john is a familiar enough prank that you might be concerned about. An easy solution is to have the company doing the porta potty rental to stake down the bathrooms. This helps prevent tipping and keeps your toilets upright and workable.

This tip is great for preventing tampering, and also helps in the case of bad weather. When you rent a porta potty it can be costly and the last thing you want is for that rental to be damaged, costing you even more.


If you have enough staff, positioning some around the area where you place the porta potties can have a big effect on preventing vandalism. Having staff nearby will also help people know where bathrooms are, and ensure the toilets remain clean and fully functioning for everyone.

Keeping the porta potty clean may not be the most glamorous job, but it helps deter vandals and keep your rental costs low. It will also elevate your event and keep people healthy and happy while attending.

Search and Erase

If you do find some graffiti early on, it helps to remove it right away. This will deter others from thinking this is a good spot to mark up, and it will also show the original artist that their work won’t last if they were thinking of trying it again. Once a few things are marking up a wall or surface, it’s easy for that to grow. 

If you can ensure the porta potty rental has staff around and monitoring it, they can also look out for graffiti, catching it before it becomes a bigger problem.

A Safe Spot

Keeping a portable toilet rental in a well lit and safe area is a big help in preventing vandalism. If people not attending the event can’t get to the porta potties, they can’t mess with them.

Watch for areas that are wide open and harder to monitor. Spots that already have things like street lights and security cameras are good areas to place a porta potty rental.

Safe and Secure

By following these steps, you will be in much better shape when you rent a porta potty for your next event. Whether you rent one or ten, keeping them safe and clean is a top priority.

And if you found these tips helpful for your next rental, check us out for more useful information.