You have your event all planned out. You know where everything is happening, and you went out of your way to spend on great porta potty toilets! You even have a pavilion set up for them.

Then the unthinkable happens and a storm rolls in. Lots of rain and high winds, and you’re thinking, what about my toilets! Keep on reading for ways to secure your toilets against all sorts of inclement weather!

Location, Location, Location

The best defense against high winds is a good location. You want a hard surface, like level rocks or a cement platform. This prevents the porta potty toilet from sinking into wet ground with heavy rain.

Remember not to place the porta-potty toilets out in the open. You want a place where you can shelter them against the wind. Using a tarp or awning over the porta potty will provide some protection, and placing them against fences and using stakes will stabilize the porta potty portable toilet.

In special circumstances, such as hurricanes, you want to secure your porta potty toilets. Surrounding them with heavy construction vehicles is one way, tying the toilets to the vehicles as an extra precaution. A better way is to have your toilets on a porta potty trailer and park them against an interior wall if possible, to prevent the wind from sending your toilets flying and damaging property.

Porta Potty Toilet Accessories

You can rent step platforms along with your porta potty rental, allowing the rental to rest above the ground. This prevents water from pooling around, and eventually in, your porta potty. Mud and wetness drain from the shows of event-goers down underneath the porta-potty into the drainage mat.

Even better, if you have access to electricity, you can pump heating into your porta potty toilets. This allows for air circulation and a dryer toilet interior. This improves the overall porta-potty experience during colder weather.

A spray vacuum makes frequent cleanings simpler! It coats the surfaces with disinfectant, then a water rinse, then the vacuum sucks up all the leftover water. Remember to dry wipe the inside to get rid of any stray water, since it would take a long time to dry in damp weather.

Care and Cleaning of Your Porta Potty Toilets

Regular care and cleaning are especially important in difficult weather conditions. Make sure your staff schedule allows for frequent checks of your porta potty toilers. Using accessories makes the job much easier during more frequent cleanings.

If the temperature is hovering around freezing, then it’s a great idea to pump the refuse out more often. You can add antifreeze to the tank to help stave off freezing, but your best bet is just pumping more often. Making sure your toilets stay usable is priority number one!

Porta Potty Toilets Versus the Weather

Porta-potty toilets are an important part of any event or construction project. It’s important to plan for, and protect your rentals against, bad weather. Don’t let your rentals be gone with the wind!

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