We’re quickly approaching National Camping Month, when camping lovers get to show their appreciation (and even enjoy deals at some camping sites) for the entire month of June. 

There are a lot of camping supplies that can prove useful when you’re spending time outdoors and may even work well for outdoor events. Is a portable camping toilet one of them?

The short answer is no. There are major differences between portable camping toilets vs. porta potties, and one can’t replace the other.

Read on to learn more about these two bathroom solutions and why you need porta potty rentals for events. 

When to Use a Portable Camping Toilet

There are different kinds of camping toilets that you can bring on the go if you’re taking a road trip or car camping. Some are simple bucket toilets that make going to the bathroom a more comfortable experience. On the other end of the spectrum are composting toilets and flushable toilets, which are slightly more glamorous to use.

Keep in mind that portable camping toilets are exactly that: toilets. To use them, you will need to put them in a tent or take them to a reclusive place where no one is around to see you. In other words, you have to create your own privacy to use a portable camping toilet.

Why Porta Potties Aren’t the Same

If you’re inviting guests to attend an event, you can’t expect them to use a portable camping toilet when they need to go—even if your event is designed for campers. As we already mentioned, portable camping toilets are free-standing toilets. When you’re planning an event, your public toilets need to be surrounded by three walls and a locking door.

Plus, camping toilets aren’t suitable for large-scale use. Unlike porta potties, which have large waste tanks, portable camping toilets need to be emptied after a few uses. Portable camping toilets are also small and low to the ground, preventing people with mobility issues and other disabilities from using them safely.

Finally, portable camping toilets don’t come with all of the extra amenities that you’ll find in a portable bathroom rental. They don’t come with toilet paper or hand sanitizer stations, which means that they aren’t going to contribute to the sanitation of your event. 

Stick With Porta Potty Rental for Outdoor Events

As excited as we are about National Camping Month, there are some things that are well-suited for camping that don’t translate well to large events. A portable camping toilet is one of them. Though camping toilets and porta potties both provide portable bathroom solutions, you should always provide guests with the privacy and sanitation of a porta potty at a large event.

Are you planning a big event this summer and need porta potty rentals? FusionSite has you covered with everything from traditional porta johns to luxury bathroom trailers. Request a quote to start planning your event budget.