7 Fun and Positive Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Porta Potties

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We've all had to swallow our pride and resort to squatting over a deep, dark hole at some point in our lives. I'm not going to pretend like having to relieve yourself inside porta potties is anything short of uncomfortable, but listen, there's a lot about these rectangular restrooms that you don't know! Here are

5 Eco-Friendly Reasons to Rent a Porta Potty

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When you hear the words porta potty, you probably smirk in disgust. The reality is, no one wants to use a porta potty if they don't have to. But, what if I told you they are environmentally friendly? Porta potty chemicals consist of biocide, dye, fragrance, and surfactants. These chemicals help control the odor and

Porta John vs. Restroom Trailer: What’s the Difference?

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No matter who you are or what sort of background you have -- nature calls for all of us.  When nature calls during an event you're producing, you need to be sure that you have restroom facilities that can accommodate. Renting a portable restroom is the easy answer, but it's important to know that there

5 Common Misconceptions about Porta-Potties

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Porta-potties get a bad rap for no real reason. They're environmentally friendly, convenient, and often necessary. So what's with all of the hate? The fact is, people just don't like to think about them. They file them into the "gross" category and tuck them away forever.  Have you ever wondered "how do porta-potties work" but

What Is a Luxury Porta Potty and What Events Do I Use It For?

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We’ve all been there.  It’s a wonderful outdoor event, quiet and intimate, in a beautiful venue. Everyone’s dressed in their finest, and no expense has been spared on food and drink.  Then it comes time to do your, ahem, business. That’s when you realize your only option is a single, battered rent-a-potty that looks like it’s seen far too many days

What to Look for in a Porta Potty Rental Company

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Whether you’re hosting a big outdoor event or opening a new construction site, you need to find a reliable porta potty rental. Choosing the right company can save your site from becoming a health hazard, and it gives people the right impression of your company or event. There are a lot of things to consider

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Porta Potty Rentals

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The American economy is booming. One surprising benefactor of this economic surge is the porta potty industry. Flush with cash and donations, businesses and organizations are holding more events. At a recent rally in Washington D.C., organizers rented over 600 porta potties. This figure was shockingly inadequate and attendees were left waiting in long lines.

What Kind of Wedding Porta Potty Should I Get?

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You've perfected every aspect of your special day, down to the monogrammed cocktail napkins. Now it's time to add the final touch; a wedding porta potty. Whether it's an elegant affair under the stars or an afternoon wedding in the park, you need to provide a space for your guests to tend to personal matters.