When you hear the words porta potty, you probably smirk in disgust. The reality is, no one wants to use a porta potty if they don’t have to. But, what if I told you they are environmentally friendly?

Porta potty chemicals consist of biocide, dye, fragrance, and surfactants. These chemicals help control the odor and make waste disposal safer.

If that isn’t reason enough to rent a porta potty for your next event, here are 5 eco-friendly reasons to rent a porta potty:

1. Water Conservation

Porta potties conserve water because they use less water than a person would in a home. More water is flushed down the toilet each day than it is used for any other activity.

These restroom rentals save water because flushing is not required. The waste in a portable bathroom can be disposed of without the use of water.

2. Reduces Wildlife Disease

Human waste is incredibly toxic to wildlife and the environment in general. The waste from regular toilets can easily make its way into the environment because of the way it is disposed of.

It can travel through all types of animals and even through human footprints. Campgrounds commonly used porta potties to protect the surrounding wildlife.

3. Improve Public Health

Contrary to popular belief, portable toilets can improve public health. Porta potty chemicals can be damaging, but toilets that are maintained properly can prevent the spread of disease.

Portable bathrooms that don’t use formaldehyde or alcohol. Mobile bathrooms can control the smells and growth of parasites. This can keep human waste from hurting plants and animals in the area.

The cost of these restroom rentals is worth it on construction worksites because they can reduce sick days and up productivity. A wedding porta potty is also a good idea for outdoor weddings.

4. Proper Waste Disposal

There are a lot of harmful organisms that human feces carry. If this waste is not disposed of properly, it can contaminate water and more.

Pathogens from feces can easily spread disease, especially in cold water. A porta potty can aide in properly disposing of waste.

Some companies have even created a porta potty with sink to decrease the likelihood that diseases will be spread. Some can even flush to reduce odors.

5. Protect Vegetation

If you have used the bathroom in the middle of a forest because there was nothing else around, you probably have poisoned the surrounding plant life. Trees, bushes, grass, and all other plant life can be destroyed with human urine. The excess salts and toxic compounds from human urine can poison plant life.

Mobile bathrooms can prevent plants from popping up where they should not be. They will also protect the landscaping.

 Porta Potty Chemicals Are Fine for the Environment

Who would have thought that porta potties, originally known for being gross and messy, could benefit the environment? Porta potty chemicals are safe for humans and the environment. They can mask odors and help prevent the spread of disease.

You can get a porta potty for rent today!