Porta-potties get a bad rap for no real reason. They’re environmentally friendly, convenient, and often necessary. So what’s with all of the hate?

The fact is, people just don’t like to think about them. They file them into the “gross” category and tuck them away forever. 

Have you ever wondered “how do porta-potties work” but were too scared to Google the answers for fear of finding something icky? Don’t worry. Here are 5 common misconceptions about porta-potties.

1. Porta-Potties are Bad for the Environment

In a time where portable toilets were chemical-laden and relatively new, this may have been true. Now, though, it’s absolutely not the case.

These porta-potties are mostly self-contained. They use very little (if any, depending on the model) water or electricity, making them technically more environmentally friendly than “real” restrooms. Go figure.

2. You Can’t Be Clean While Using One

It’s true, there’s no full sink inside most common porta-potties. That said, they’re not the wild west of bathrooms. 

Many events have a handwashing station right outside of their restroom area, and all modern porta-potties include antibacterial hand sanitizer on the walls. This gives you a quick way to clean up before you go back out into the world.

Now, is it as ideal as a full sink set-up? No. But it’s definitely not unclean.

3. Porta-Potties Are Eyesores

This doesn’t have to be true at all. 

While there are definitely some portable toilets that don’t make aesthetics their primary concern (and they shouldn’t, porta-potties have a clear purpose), there are plenty of restrooms that run the gamut between subtle and barely-there (great for outdoor events) and even kind of fancy.

You might be used to the porta-potties of construction sites and renaissance fairs from days gone by. There are other options now. 

4. You Only Need One

This is going to depend on your event, but this is largely untrue and should be dispelled before you start inquiring about rentals.

If you have a small gathering of people, it’s possible that you can get by with only one porta-potty. In this event, though, did you really need it to begin with? How few people are you having over that one will suffice? 

It’s much better to have several so that people aren’t overcrowding or waiting in lines. As a bonus myth: many people think porta-potties have to smell. They don’t, but they might if you overcrowd them. 

One bathroom for every 25 guests is appropriate. 

5. “Nice” Events Shouldn’t Use Porta-Potties

Is your event outside? Does it include people? It can totally use porta-potties. 

Porta-potties aren’t what they used to be. Luxury porta-potties include air conditioning, water, and even mirrored vanities. While they’re not a replacement for the “real thing”, they’re great for any kind of event where you need temporary restroom services. 

Don’t let the bad reputation fool you. 

How Do Porta-Potties Work For Your Next Event? 

If you’ve been holding off on a porta-potty rental because of the bad reputation, rest assured that things aren’t always as they seem. You can get clean and efficient service for any events with portable restrooms.

So, how do porta-potties work for your next big event? Contact us to get a quote or learn more.