No matter who you are or what sort of background you have — nature calls for all of us. 

When nature calls during an event you’re producing, you need to be sure that you have restroom facilities that can accommodate. Renting a portable restroom is the easy answer, but it’s important to know that there are many different types. 

Below we’ll dive into finding the best rental for your event needs. 

Portable Restroom Vs. Restroom Trailer

One of the biggest distinctions you’ll need to make is whether you want a portable restroom or a restroom trailer. Here are a few of the points that’ll help you decide.

1. Restroom Trailers are Full Service

When you’re planning a party, you should first get a headcount of how many people you’re expecting. This will not only help with things like food and refreshments — it’ll also let you know your bathroom needs. 

For larger events, restroom trailers are your best bet. This means that you get access to electricity, sinks, and much greater capacity. People can get in and out without overcrowding. 

2. You Can Choose Between Standalone Models and Multiple Units

A portable restroom differs because it’s one person per unit. However, you can still align these portable restrooms into rows that people can form lines in front of. 

The portable trailer is a great idea because more people can fit inside of one, with numerous toilets included. You should decide based on which setup will optimize the flow of traffic for your event, while also keeping your guests comfortable and taken care of.

3. Think in Terms of Utilities and Needs

Regardless of whether you decide to go with a portable restroom or a trailer, you’ll need to get your utility needs in order. Either can be hooked up with full plumbing that includes flushing and running water. 

If you’re planning a music festival or other large event, you’ll definitely want lots of toilets, sinks and running water. Otherwise, you might opt to go the less expensive route and get chemical disposal. 

Instead of being able to flush the toilet and send waste through a sewage system, nitrates and other chemicals will break down waste. If this isn’t a desirable option, you can go for a luxury model that still lets you flush waste and prevent it from staying in one place as numerous people use the toilets. 

Figure out what is best for your event, and definitely include several washing stations with soap or hand sanitizer. 

Get the Perfect Restroom For Your Event

Whether you need a luxury model or a no-frills standalone unit, you should consider all the factors above. Simply put, it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. 

Thankfully, you can take care of these needs by making a few quality decisions about the restrooms you want to rent. We would love to help you out with your next big event. 

Take some time to reach out to us to get the best portable restroom service in Arkansas.