We’ve all had to swallow our pride and resort to squatting over a deep, dark hole at some point in our lives.

I’m not going to pretend like having to relieve yourself inside porta potties is anything short of uncomfortable, but listen, there’s a lot about these rectangular restrooms that you don’t know!

Here are 7 fun facts that might grant you a new appreciation for this last resort.


1. Porta Potties are Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, but porta potties are great for the environment!

Since they don’t flush, porta potties don’t require much water to operate. In fact, they use about 90 percent less water than a standard toilet!

2. They’ve Been Around for 80 Years

The history of this portable restroom dates back to World War II, when worker restroom breaks were affecting productivity in the shipyards.

So, to save time, the shipyards constructed the first “porta potties”, which were made of wood or metal and had a small tank inside for waste.

3. Luxury Porta Potties Are a Thing

Luxury porta potties are perfect for larger, more elegant events. These upgraded restroom rentals are more spacious than their counterparts and include some of the following amenities to make for a more luxurious bathroom experience:

  • Adjustable sinkwater temperature
  • Air conditioning
  • Mirrors
  • Soap dispensers
  • Electrical outlets

4. They’re Actually Very Sanitary

If you still believe the myth that all porta potties are dirty, think again! Most porta john rentals are cleaner than indoor public restrooms since these companies do everything in their effort to ensure a healthy, pleasant experience.

In addition to being regularly cleaned, they can also come with hand-washing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers so occupants can go about their business germ-free!

5. The Liquid Is Blue for a Reason

Ever wonder why the liquid in the tank is blue? You’re not alone!

The blue liquid you see is actually deodorizing dye. Its blue coloring is meant to disguise the waste in the tank, and it contains powerful biocides that destroy bacteria.

6. They’re Crucial for Disaster Relief

Whether they’re there for first responders, volunteers, or provide comfort to evacuees, porta potties can make even the most stressful of events just a little smoother.

They can come in handy when there’s a large number of people displaced by floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or other natural disasters, or when water has been contaminated and standard bathrooms are no longer a viable option.

7. They Help Events Run Smoothly

It’s no secret that porta potties help any kind of even run smoothly.

Whether they’re present at a construction site, a wedding, a family reunion or a large outdoor event like a festival, the ease and convenience of having clean, quality porta potties on deck is well worth the price!

No Flush No Problem

Next time you have to pee at an outdoor concert, athletic event, or construction site, remember these interesting facts and you’ll realize that porta potties aren’t so bad!

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