The portable outhouse has turned out to be one of the most vital items that can be available in the event of a natural disaster, especially at an emergency relief shelter. When you have large numbers of people displaced by a flood, wildfire, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, having rental porta potties on hand can actually be a matter of life and death. The aftermath of a disaster can be especially dangerous if water sources become contaminated and then on top of that, the power is out for days or even weeks to come. Here are some of the reasons why providing portable potty rentals to local, state, federal and civilian disaster relief efforts has been a critical part of FusionSite’s mission.

Comfort for Evacuees

Evacuees tend to be under tremendous amounts of stress, for understandable reasons. Sometimes families have to flee their homes with only a moment’s notice — and they don’t know if they have a home to go back to. The simple comfort of having a restroom where they can use the toilet in privacy is a tremendous comfort to most people, and especially for children. Evacuees are often in strange surroundings, eating foods they are unaccustomed to, and sleeping on cots in a building full of strangers. A portapoty where they can shut the door to use the toilet may be the closest thing to “normal” in their lives during this time.

Sanitation for Safety

Keeping conditions sanitary when you have large numbers of people packed into a disaster relief shelter is a priority. If the power is out and running water is unavailable, flushing a regular toilet becomes a struggle unless you can haul buckets of water to the restroom. Portable potty rentals eliminate many of these concerns and help to keep the relief shelter more sanitary.

The spread of communicable disease is one of the biggest dangers in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Our rent a potty units come with hand sanitizer and other options which allow evacuees to keep their hands sanitized, in a situation where it might be a few days before clean water is even available. A natural disaster is a big enough crisis on its own; preventing people from getting sick reduces the chances of it becoming an even bigger crisis.

We’re Ready

Following major events in the previous decade, such as the 9-11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina, disaster relief agencies have learned to be much better prepared for major events like these. Being prepared and knowing what to do in the event of a natural disaster is much better than flying by the seat of your pants. FusionSite has established relationships with FEMA, the Red Cross and other disaster relief-type agencies so that everyone knows their role when an emergency strikes. We take disaster readiness seriously because FusionSite provides a necessary item for disaster relief: the porta potty. We also take it seriously because the people impacted by natural disasters are often our neighbors, and this is a major way that we give back to the community.

If you need rental porta potties for a work site, special event, wedding reception, festival or any other occasion, contact us to see how FusionSite will go above and beyond to meet your porta-potty rental needs.