Have you ever been to a public event that’s had too many people and not enough bathrooms? Whether you’re walking around at the local fair or touring the streets of Rome, when you need to go, you need to go. 

As someone hosting a sports event, it’s your responsibility to provide your guests with adequate bathroom options. However, before you commit to a porta john rental, there are a few things you need to consider. 

Keep reading for our top seven things to know.

1. What Hygiene Features Does It Come With?

One of the most important concerns you should have as a sports event planner looking to rent a porta potty is public hygiene. You need to know what hygiene or sanitary features are included with your portable bathroom rental. 

Will, there be hand sanitizer and/or handwash units included, or will you need to provide them?

2. What Are Your Portable Bathroom Options?

Next, you need to think about your options. Do you want individual porta johns or should you consider renting a bathroom trailer? There is such a thing as a luxury/high-end porta potty that comes with mirrors, vanities, sinks, running water, electrical outlets, air conditioning, and more.

What’s the best choice for your sporting event?

3. How Long Can You Rent It For?

Additionally, when considering a porta john rental, you need to think about the length of your rental. You need to make sure you secure the portable bathrooms and get them in an appropriate location before your guests start arriving. You may even need to rent them a day early just to make sure everything’s in place.

4. Who’s Liable for Damages?

Another important thing to know is what happens if a porta john is damaged? People can be rough on porta potties and some will even graffiti them. If that happens, are there insurance plans you can take out on a local porta potty rental or will you be held responsible for any damages?

5. What Is Its Capacity?

Depending on how many guests you’re expecting to attend your sporting event, you may need to rent multiple porta-potties. If you’re renting a portable bathroom, do you know how many people it can accommodate at once?

Think about your guests. Typically, you should have one porta-potty per 100 guests. However, this number can fluctuate if the event is running for more than a few hours, if you’re serving alcohol or other beverages, etc.

6. Are There ADA Compliant Porta Johns?

When looking at a porta john rental, you also need to think about ADA compliance. If there is a chance there are going to be physically handicapped or wheelchair dependent people at your event, your porta john situation needs to be able to accommodate them. 

They make ADA compliant porta-potties with extra room, grab bars, lower toilet paper dispensers, and more.

7. What Are the Costs?

Finally, you need to think about the costs. How much will the necessary amount of porta-potties or portable bathrooms cost for the amount of time you need them. We recommend getting a quote to get a good idea of what you’re looking at.

Considering a Porta John Rental?

If you’re looking at a porta john rental, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our portable toilet services to see what we have to offer. Also, feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns.