Nature calls, and she calls rather frequently. More than one-quarter of Americans poop twice a day. 

A porta potty rental helps these people go to the bathroom when they need to. Yet porta potty services are not perfect. When a porta potty flips over, it can be an event organizer’s worst nightmare. 

How can you keep your potty from tilting? What should you do first when your potty does flip? Should you help someone inside the potty? 

Answer these questions and you can respond to a tipped porta potty the right way. Here is your quick guide. 

Prevent a Porta Potty Rental From Flipping Over

The best thing you can do is never have a flipped porta potty in the first place. Find a good spot to place your potty on. It should be flat and far away from equipment that can knock it over. 

You should fasten your potty in place. Place it against a sturdy object like a railing and then fasten it into the ground. You can use screws or belts in order to keep it upright. 

Never install a potty during inclement or windy weather. Try to rely on an indoor bathroom instead. Do your best to follow porta potty maintenance tips and learn how to plan successful outdoor events around your potty. 

Call Your Rental Company

As soon as a porta potty flips over, you should call your rental company. Tell them where the potty is and what exactly happened. 

Stay on the line until they arrive. A rental company can send its own employees to help clean up. They can also contact a clean-up service if there is a significant spill. 

Mark Off the Area

Contain anything that is spilling. You can use towels and fabrics to soak up the spill around the perimeter. 

You should also prevent others from entering the area around the potty. Use rope, caution tape, and physical barriers to block off people. If you have a security crew, ask someone to stand nearby and redirect people. 

Help Someone 

You should not clean up the area by yourself. Many diseases spread through the fecal-oral route, including fatal ones. 

If someone was in the potty when it fell over, you can help them. But you should put on a face mask and gloves.

Bring them to the area where you can spray them down with water and give them disinfectant. If they are injured, you should call for a paramedic. 

Provide Yourself With the Best Porta Potty

Every public event requires a porta potty rental. You can keep yours upright by putting it against a sturdy structure and strapping it in place. 

If yours tips over, you should call your rental service. Remain nearby and cordon off the area.

You can contain the perimeter of the spill, but you shouldn’t step into it. Do not put the potty upright unless someone is inside. Spray them off with water and give them hand sanitizer to disinfect themselves. 

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