You’re planning a major outdoor event, and you’ve got all of the boxes ticked off — except for one. You’re missing a loo.


When nature calls, where exactly will your attendees go? Fortunately, potty rental can easily meet your attendees’ toileting needs even if you’re not near a restroom facility — or a large-enough one.

Here’s a rundown on four reasons why you need a porta potty rental this year.

Let’s jump in! 

1. Cost Savings

One of the major benefits of renting porta potties is that they save you the expense of installing a fixed toilet at the site of your event

As a general rule of thumb, porta potties are an eco-friendly way to provide a clean place for your event attendees and others to easily relieve themselves.  

2. Improved Experience

With porta potties, you can make your event a more pleasant experience for each guest. That’s because your guests don’t have to worry about going far to find a restroom offsite.

Instead, they can simply use the bathroom at your event location whenever the need arises. This means they can spend less time worrying about where to find a restroom, and more time focusing on enjoying your event.

3. Time Savings

Another major benefit of potty rental is the convenience that it affords you. After all, the potty provider you use will handle your rental needs from start to finish.

For instance, a reputable potty provider will deliver, set up, and maintain your porta potties throughout your event. They’ll make sure that your potties remain fully functioning and sanitary during the entire potty rental period.

This means that you can spend more time interacting with your event guests, rather than worrying about the conditions of your portable restrooms.

4. Decreasing Unwanted Foot Traffic Indoors

Porta potty rental can especially be handy if you are planning a gathering at your home or near your business.

Yes, you could allow your guests to use your home’s or business’s bathroom. However, this increases foot traffic in the home or business.

Unfortunately, heavy foot traffic indoors can lead to more required cleanup after all of your guests have gone home. On top of this, it increases your risk of experiencing theft.

Fortunately, though, porta potty rental allows you to keep your shindig outdoors, thus more effectively protecting your indoor spaces. 

How We Can Help with Potty Rental

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