If you have been in the market to buy a home recently, you no doubt have noticed that America is in the middle of a housing shortage driving up real estate prices. But with profit margins high and demand skyrocketing, 2021 will see record numbers to the tune of 1.134 million new units.

Are you a contractor bidding on this unprecedented opportunity? Every building site begins with the planning stage. Make sure you pay attention to the details such as a construction bathroom rental and get the project started on the bright side.

The buzz of construction activity comes with the need to provide everyone a place to go when nature calls. Keep reading, as today we tackle the topic of renting a portable bathroom for your building site.

Buying vs Renting a Porta-Potty

Contractors and investors tend to be a bit on the frugal side as every expense cuts into profit margins. Buying your own Porta John may seem like a wise investment as you know you will need one for every contract. Yet, this route comes with many other expenses such as:

  • Transporting from site to site
  • Storage during downtimes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Maintenance and repairs

Renting a porty-potty is the magic pill for relieving your logistics and labor cost headache. A good leader makes decisions based on what they themselves are willing to do. Are you comfortable asking anyone in your professional construction crew to clean out a porta-potty?

Outsourcing the Dirty Job

Don’t make the mistake of thinking any portable toilet service will do. You want a provider that pays attention to the smaller details.

At FusionSite we take pride in our full-service agreements. So much so, we have a complaint-free guarantee.

Starting with delivery of high-quality porta-potties directly to your site and installed according to your needs. If for any reason you or anyone on the site has a complaint about our service, we will resolve the issue within 24-hours or you won’t be charged for that month’s porta potty rental.

Need More than One?

A worker that has to go, but waiting in line to use the John is one less worker on the job. Keep your construction site running smoothly by providing an adequate number of porta-potties for the size of your crew and site visitors.

We are prepared to provide as many units as needed, regardless of the size of your project. If in doubt, contact us and we would be happy to recommend the number of units you will need.

Construction Bathroom Rental: We Got You Covered

Providing a restroom for your job site may seem like a minor detail compared to your other responsibilities. But a rushed and poor decision here could bring the rest of your operation to its knees.

Experience the FusionSite difference. When it comes to your construction bathroom rental, our friendly team is happy to take the burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on building. When you gotta go, get a quick and accurate quote for our industry-leading services.