Since 1980, the US has experienced 360 weather and climate disasters that have caused over $1 billion in damages.

Disaster relief involves a lot of elements, such as shelter, medical care, and the need for food. One thing that people often don’t consider is disaster relief restrooms. People always need bathrooms, and porta potty rentals are the perfect solution in disaster situations.

Mobile bathrooms for rent can be incredibly helpful for disaster relief. Keep reading to find out why.


A disaster event is always stressful for everyone involved. Beyond physical injury, it can take a large mental toll on people. They leave their homes in a rush, leaving everything behind.

They might not have a suitable space to sleep or even spend time with their families. Porta potty rental can offer them some degree of comfort which can make dealing with the whole situation a little easier.


Sanitation becomes a huge factor during a natural disaster. A lot of people may be gathered together, and they often won’t have suitable resources to keep things hygienic. If there are existing restrooms in the area, the toilets might not be flushing.

Emergency portable toilets can help with this. The risk of disease outbreaks increases significantly in areas with a lot of evacuating refugees, so anything that improves sanitation is beneficial. Rental hand sanitization stations are also an option that can help with hygiene.

Access to Running Water

We often take clean running water for granted. During a disaster, it becomes one of the most sought-after resources around.

Fusion Site has a range of portable toilets available, so we can supply you with models that have running water if needed. This helps with sanitation as people will be able to wash their hands and faces.

Mobile and Easy to Use

One of the key benefits of porta potties is that they’re mobile. Disasters can occur anywhere very unexpectedly. It’s easy to bring in portable toilets and place them in a convenient spot, then move them when necessary. It’s often possible to deploy portable toilets in a matter of hours, providing immediate assistance to those affected.

Private Space for Personal Needs

Everyone needs privacy. This may not feel like a priority during a disaster, but for some people, it’s incredibly important. A porta potty allows people to relieve themselves while ensuring they have the privacy they need.

Luxury portable toilets are available, and they’re better equipped than standard porta potties. They often include features like climate control, mirrors, lighting, paper towels, and more, making them more suitable for events like weddings or parties. Even without these luxuries, a porta potty is significantly better than leaving people to fend for themselves.

Mobile Bathrooms for Rent

Portable restrooms can be incredibly helpful in a disaster situation, and any evacuees will be incredibly grateful for them. Fusion Site has a range of mobile bathrooms for rent throughout the Southeast. Take a look at our Portable Toilet Services page to find out more about how we can help.