To most people, the idea of “porta potty cleanliness” seems like an oxymoron, a paradox, or just an absolute joke. A porta john rental is literally the last thing you would associate with cleanliness, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, we wouldn’t—not at all! Porta potty rental companies like us would never expect you to pay for an unsanitary box of germs and human filth. Nor could such a business survive in a post-covid world.

Clearly, this is a blatant, harmful misconception. And, today, we’re going to set the record straight.

The reality is that a portable bathroom rental is far more sanitary than most people think. Learn more about this below.

Sanitization Standards Are Strictly Regulated

Restrooms of every type are subject to strict sanitization regulations. These standards apply to portable restrooms as well as permanent ones. They also require some means of handwashing/hand sanitizing.

So, any porta potty rental company that doesn’t meet or exceed these standards will be in big trouble with the government. And no company in their right mind wants to be in that situation. Instead, they make sure each portable toilet is completely sanitized before delivery.

They’re Extremely Easy to Clean

Speaking of sanitizing a porta potty, do you realize how easy that is? After the waste is emptied, you can basically powerwash it in a matter of minutes. Then, apply sanitizing chemicals and let it dry.

This is both easier and more effective than the process for cleaning permanent public restrooms. For instance, how often do you think the staff of your favorite restaurant powerwashes and sanitizes the bathroom walls? It certainly isn’t as often as porta potties get cleaned.

Porta john rentals are typically emptied daily and sanitized every time they’re sent back to the company. Until they’re sent back, though, those who rent them are responsible for keeping the government-regulated sanitization standards.

They’re Even More Sanitary Now

Now here’s the kicker. All of this was true even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this point, sanitization standards are stricter than ever. And all restroom-related businesses are doing even more to keep their patrons clean and safe from germs.

Cleanliness Depends on Users/Staff, Too

Lastly, porta potty cleanliness is largely dependant on those who rent them. That is, when you rent a porta potty, the government requires that the unit be sanitary. Thus, the company that rents it to you makes sure of this.

After that, it’s the responsibility of the renter and their staff to make sure it stays that way. Regardless, some users will make excessive messes.

Hopefully, the staff cleans up these messes promptly. But sometimes, they don’t. In any case, this situation is no different than that of permanent restrooms.

The Porta John Rental: A Sanitary Solution For Your Next Event

Do you need a porta john rental for an upcoming event? If so, you can now rest assured that it provides your guests with the sanitary means to relieve themselves.

Ready to get started? Get a quote now for the portable toilet rental you need.