A recent study found that portable toilets save an estimated 125 gallons of water daily. Porta potties not only protect the environment, but they help provide restrooms when they would be inaccessible. If you need to rent a porta-potty for your event, you must know how to locate the best company. 

That’s why we’ve investigated all you need to know about finding a good porta-potty company. So you can provide the best restroom services to your event crew and guests. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at finding a good porta-potty rental company:

Types of Porta Potties 

Generally, there are two types of porta potties: standard portable toilets and luxury portable restrooms. Standard portable toilets are usually used for small events and those lasting up to a day. Whereas luxury restroom trailers are used for big events and events that run a day or more. 

A good company will help you determine which type of porta-potty is right for your event duration and guest size. The company you hire should not only have the type of portable toilet you need but can get you the amount you want in time for your event. 

Porta-Potty Rental Prices

When looking for portable toilets for an event, get a quote from different providers. A quote will give you a better understanding of what you are paying for and which provider has a better deal. Make sure to get a specific number to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. Your quote should include the following: 

  • Price for the type of event 
  • Price for the guest and crew number 
  • Price for delivery location 
  • Price for the event duration 

When you receive the quote, compare it to others you’ve received by looking at which one provides a better service for the fairest price.  

Delivery, Setup, and Maintenance 

Every company does delivery and setup differently. Talk with the company to ensure they can deliver the porta potties and set them up on time before the event. That way, the porta potties are up and ready to be used when the event starts. 

If your event includes multiple days, ensure the company can come out and make maintenance checkups. Don’t hire a company that can’t make maintenance appointments. It’ll only spell disaster for your event, as toilets may get clogged or stop working altogether, and you’ll have no way to get them maintenance. 

Rent a Porta-Potty Today  

To rent a porta-potty, you first need to find a company you like and trust. Look for a company with the type of porta potties you want and that has fair prices. You’ll also want to search for a company that can deliver the porta potties, set them up, and do maintenance checks during an event. 

Thankfully we at FusionSite can do it all. We can provide standard porta potties and luxury restroom trailers for any event at an affordable and reasonable price. Contact us today for a free quote or for more information about our porta-potty rental services.