Nature calls for everyone. But for many people, she’s a frequent caller.

The average person urinates six or seven times a day. Having an available bathroom is absolutely essential, especially at an event like a party. Yet figuring out the right porta-potty rental number can be a challenge. 

What does the guest size impact how many rentals you need? How does the venue size impact rentals? How many rentals do you need for a long event? 

Answer these questions and you can answer nature’s call the right way. Here is your quick guide.

Guest Size

The more guests you have, the more porta-potties you need. Some portable bathroom rental companies have a toilet-to-person ratio. For every 75 guests, you should rent one porta-potty. 

This is an okay metric to follow, but you should use it only as a baseline. If you have some guests that may be arriving late, you can get a second porta john rental. 

You want to avoid creating lines whenever possible. Even if you have a small group, it is a good idea to have two rentals so people do not have to wait long.

Children need to pee more often than adults. If you have a large group of children, you get one extra portable toilet rental.

Venue Size

You may throw a party at a venue that has a bathroom in it. Yet a very large venue like a festival site can be hard to navigate. Someone may need to use the bathroom immediately. 

You should get at least one rental and place it near where people congregate. Think about where people are likely to gather. If you have a dance floor and a parking lot, you should place one near the floor and one in the lot.


The longer your event goes on, the more rentals you need. The average person takes nine to ten hours to produce two cups of urine. This is enough to fill their bladder so they have to go to the bathroom. 

But many people go to the bathroom sooner than that. They have drinks or do activities that create waste inside their bodies. The body then produces urine to flush the excess water and waste out. 

If your event runs longer than five hours, you should double your number of rentals. If you are serving drinks, you should also double the rentals, regardless of how long your event is.

The Right Number of Porta-Potty Rental Units

A porta-potty rental can be a lifesaver, as long as you know how many you need. For every 75 guests, you should rent one potty. But you may need more if you have children. 

You should find strategic places to put your rentals. If the bathrooms in your venue are far away, you need a rental near where your guests are. 

If your event goes on for several hours, you need several rentals. Serving drinks also means more rentals.

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