Have you ever tried going to the bathroom on a train? It’s small, cramped, and has annoying metal rails jutting out of the walls. However, some of these features are there to ensure your safety while using the bathroom on a moving vehicle.

A similar principle applies to making bathrooms on construction sites. But what can you do to give your crew the safest portable restrooms possible?

Well, wonder no longer! We’re here to give you the top 5 ways to make sure your crew is super safe in your portable restrooms! 

But enough sitting around and talking, let’s do this thing!

1. Make Sure Your Portable Restrooms Are up to Code

The most important step you can take to make sure your portable restrooms are safe is to make sure they match the standards set by the OSHA. For starters, you need a minimum amount of urinals/toilets for the number of employees you have (15 or less = 1 toilet per sex, 16 to 35 = 2 toilets for every sex, etc.). 

Toilets also have to have privacy systems of some kind and must be well-lit, as well as meet a certain level of sanitation. OSHA regulations vary by state as well, so keep up to date on them to keep your employees safe and you out of legal trouble.

2. Keep Your Bathrooms Plentiful and Close By

Another great portable restroom safety is to make sure your restrooms are close to your workers. This way, they don’t have to travel long ways across dangerous conditions to use it. For example, portable toilets can get built as hanging units so workers can use them if high up in the air.

Keeping your workers from a bathroom will also cause them to pursue unsafe methods of relieving themselves, so keeping a bathroom handy improves the cleanliness and safety of your site.

3. Ask Before You Buy

You must know what questions to ask your chosen port-a-potty company before you buy anything from them. For example, ask how the waste gets disposed of in these units and make sure it matches up with state or federal regulations. Otherwise, your butt is on the line if said waste causes any problems.

4. Keep on Top of Cleaning

Failing to keep a portable restroom clean will lead to some angry employees and in a worst-case scenario, illness. To counter this, implement a regular cleaning schedule for your portable restrooms and make sure they get hosed down and emptied. 

5. Add on Some Construction Sinks

Want to make sure your workers are safe out there? Then add some special sinks to your portable restrooms. These sinks not only ensure better hygiene (and thus more safety) among workers but can help them cool down if they’re working in a particularly hot environment. 

So There You Have It

So now that you know the top 5 ways to help make your portable restrooms safe for your employees, it’s time to implement these rules at your workplace! 

If you’re interested in knowing more about our services regarding portable restrooms, come see what we can do! So until next time, stay safe out there!