You never want to leave your guests without a bathroom at your outdoor event.

Holding an outdoor event requires a lot of careful planning. No matter what the event is, if you don’t cross your T’s and dot your I’s, you may end up alienating your guests. By anticipating their every need, you can ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor event is porta potty rental. In this post, we’re going to tell you four events that you need to rent a porta potty for. They aren’t always the first thing you’ll think of when event planning, but keep reading and you’ll see that porta potties are almost always a good idea.

1. Backyard Wedding

There’s no denying the beauty of an outdoor wedding. With blue skies and tall trees as your backdrop, there’s no way that your guests won’t be moved by your intimate outdoor nuptials.

If you don’t provide them with a porta potty (or several), however, things will be a lot less romantic and a lot more frantic. Planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming because you have to consider every small detail, from flower arrangements to entertainment.

Some things are bound to be left out, but you can’t forget to give your guests a bathroom option. You can keep things classy by renting a luxury restroom trailer complete with climate control, lighting, mirrors, and sinks. 

2. Family Reunion

Family reunions are another type of heartwarming event that allows you to see loved ones you haven’t seen in ages. Planning a family reunion is less stressful than a wedding, but it’s still easy to overlook people’s needs.

As one of Nashville’s top porta potty rental services, FusionSite has provided a large number of porta potties for huge events in the area. No matter the size of your family reunion, we’ll have your toilet needs covered.

3. Drinking Events

A beer festival, wine tasting event, or outside venue music fest brings out huge swaths of people at one time. The thing about serving copious amounts of alcohol, however, is that people are going to need access to washrooms. If you don’t provide them with enough porta potties, you’ll have more people standing in lines and fewer people trying out beer or wine.

If you book your porta potties soon, we can guarantee a large number to accommodate however many guests you’ve got. As we mentioned earlier, we’re used to dealing with highly attended events, so you can trust us with yours.

4. Construction Site

There’s always lots of development happening in Nashville. If you’re a contractor or run a construction site, then you need to provide your workers with all of the necessary facilities.

You should never have to worry about having the right number of porta potties or the state that they’re in. Rent your porta potties from us and we’ll deliver them on time, as well as service them as needed.

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As you can see, there are countless events that necessitate porta potty rental. If you’re planning an outdoor event, do not neglect the needs of your guests.

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