Did you know that the oldest toilet discovered so far is 2,400 years old? Toilets have changed over those thousands of years and are now more advanced than ever. A bathroom trailer rental is a modern example of this. 

A restroom trailer is a great thing to have for events, but how does it work? How is a trailer restroom for events any different from your standard Porta-Potty? Keep reading and learn more about the benefits of this type of portable bathroom. 

How Does a Bathroom Trailer Rental Work?

A bathroom trailer rental is much larger than your standard portable bathroom. Most portable bathrooms consist of a small, cramped toilet, a dispenser for toilet paper, and nothing more. But a bathroom trailer is much more luxurious.

The most obvious difference is that it is far more spacious inside. It is about the size of an average bathroom. It has wheels on the back which makes it easy to hitch it to the back of a truck or another vehicle. 

You can then drag it around and put it down wherever you see fit. The inside of a bathroom trailer rental is much more luxurious compared to a standard portable bathroom. Besides the extra space, it also has many added amenities. 

You will find clear and bright lights along with laminated floors to make the trailer much more comfortable. Some bathroom trailers also have sinks. This is important because standard portable toilets never have sinks. 

This may make you uncomfortable leaving the toilet without cleaning your hands. There should also be a roll of paper towels present to dry your hands after you wash them. Many bathroom rental trailers are equipped with mirrors. 

This ensures that you can check how you look before you go back outside.

The Details

The biggest benefit of these trailers is that they are climate controlled. This ensures that they won’t feel like big plastic ovens as soon as you step inside. 

The environment should instead be very pleasant. These trailers are also great for events. Consider an outdoor music concert. 

Thousands of people go to these concerts and all of them will need to use the restroom eventually. Large and spacious bathroom trailers can withstand even the rowdiest concerts. They are also much more comfortable and private for those who are attending the event. 

Some of these trailers have more than one toilet. This makes them even more efficient. These trailers are also good for other outdoor events such as festivals. Outdoor weddings and charity events will also be improved with these luxurious bathroom trailers. 

It is easy for people to use them too. Just lock the door once you’re inside and go about your business. You can then leave and the trailer will be available for the next person. 

All About Bathroom Trailer Rental Options

A bathroom trailer rental is a great option for any outdoor event. It is much larger and more comfortable than standard portable toilets. They are also climate controlled and have extra amenities. 

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