Many people mistakenly have a negative stigma when it comes to the porta john. They believe that sanitation and cleanliness are an issue. These misconceptions may lead them to pass on using one or renting it for a public event.

The truth is that portable restrooms can be more sanitary than traditional public bathrooms. With a porta john, space is more confined and the entire area is easier to clean. In addition, there are specific cleaning solutions and waste disposal protocols to help keep you safe.

Read on to learn how clean portable restrooms are. Explore five portable restroom sanitation facts to help put your mind at ease.

1. Hand Washing and Sanitation

With the current coronavirus pandemic ongoing, self-hygiene is more prominent than ever before. In this regard, some people have had a bad experience with older models. These obsolete versions did not allow users to wash their hands.

However, this is not true with the latest and greatest in our inventory. You can rent or acquire a unit with a built-in sink to wash your hands. In addition, there are hand sanitizer stations mounted to the wall.  

2. Odor Control

Foul odors are another negative stigma associated with portable restrooms. However, this issue has been conquered with modern technology.

Today’s portable restrooms include odor-control mechanisms. They include deodorizing products that eliminate foul odors. 

3. Professional Cleaning Services

The truth is that portable restrooms are easier to clean than a large, public bathroom. The confined space of a porta-potty makes it possible to clean the entire unit.

This is opposed to the large spaces contained within a public bathroom. Here, bacteria and feces are airborne and on surfaces. When workers mop the floor or clean the toilet, this only eliminates a fraction of the bacteria and human waste.

Porta potties are routinely cleaned by professionals. They are sanitized from top to bottom giving users the safest experience possible.

4. Waste Containment

Many people do not realize how much human waste ends up in drains and streams. The sewer system is not entirely effective and there is a surprising amount of runoff. This results in pollution and a detrimental impact on wildlife.

Portable restrooms, on the other hand, contain all waste. Then, human waste is taken to a treatment center and disposed of properly.

5. Post-Event Service

A lot of people do not realize everything that goes into portable restroom service after an event concludes. Large trucks arrive to service the porta-potty.

These trucks carry human waste, precharge, and freshwater. If the porta potty is remaining in place, it is restocked with precharge and freshwater. Human waste is then extracted and taken to a treatment center.

The process is different if the porta potty is being removed. For this scenario, it is pressure washed and taken off-site.

Porta Johns Are Cleaner Than You Think

Clearly, a lot of work goes into cleaning and sanitizing portable restrooms. This includes steps like odor control and waste containment.

If you are interested in renting or buying a porta john, contact us today for assistance.