Disaster Site Services

Those of us who live in Tennessee know that we have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. The flip side of that coin is that sometimes Mother Nature can really turn things upside down. When disaster strikes in middle Tennessee, FusionSite is ready and able to step in and help our neighbors. The ability to rent a porta potty is a critical part of disaster recovery services. When tornadoes, floods, wildfires or any other natural disaster hits us in Tennessee, FusionSite is here to help. Our portable bathrooms are ready for delivery on short notice, so long as the roads are still passable!

Construction Portable Toilet Inventory

FusionSite is the largest rent a porta potty outlet in the southeast. When a disaster happens, the safety and security of our neighbors becomes our number one priority. Whether a large number of portable bathrooms is needed for a relief shelter, or a smaller number of mobile units for disaster site cleanup crews, we are ready to help. Our durable, high quality porta potty rental units are built to withstand the rigors of the construction industry – and they can be ready for deployment on very short notice as needed. When a disaster hits middle Tennessee, contact FusionSite immediately to rent a porta potty for relief efforts.

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Rent a Porta Potty for Disaster Site Cleanup

Disaster site cleanup can sometimes take weeks or even months – and water and power services have often been damaged in these areas. FusionSite has durable rental porta potties available to keep your cleanup crews working on schedule. Our safe and sanitary porta potty units can be stationed in multiple areas around a large cleanup site. Alternatively, we have trailer bathrooms that can be as mobile as your workers for a cleanup area; just hook the trailer hitch to a vehicle and tow the porta potty to the next cleanup location.

As the largest porta potty provider in the southeast, FusionSite is standing by to aid disaster cleanup efforts. We can deliver portable toilets to your work site and then provide schedule maintenance, care, cleaning and draining of the units for long-term use. Your workers can focus on disaster cleanup – and we’ll take care of the porta potties!

  • Standard units durably built for heavy duty construction area work

  • Stress-free service agreement: We clean and service your porta potties

  • Porta potty problems? We’ll replace any unit you have an issue with

  • Four decades of experience helping our Tennessee neighbors in emergencies

  • Contact us to rent a porta potty for disaster site cleanup in Tennessee

Rent Porta Potty Units for Relief Shelters

When a devastating tornado or other natural disaster hits us in Tennessee, sometimes our neighbors can’t go back to their homes right away. Access to clean, reliable and comfortable portable bathrooms is critical in a disaster scenario. When you rent a porta potty from FusionSite can help to ensure that disaster relief shelters have plenty of clean, sanitary portable restrooms. In addition to cleanliness, our porta potty rental units are a huge psychological boost to people staying in a temporary shelter. When the power is out and someone doesn’t even know whether they have a home to go back to, the small comfort of an enclosed restroom seems like a small miracle!

So long as the roads are open after a natural disaster, FusionSite will do everything in our power to deliver portable toilets to a relief shelter location. Just call us with the location and let us know how many units you need. We’ll worry about the bill later, once all of our neighbors are safe.

  • Reliable, friendly porta potty rental technicians on standby for emergencies

  • Sturdy porta potty construction, units built to withstand the elements

  • Safe, clean and sanitary units critical for disaster relief shelters

  • No muss, no fuss – we clean and service all our porta potty rentals

  • Contact FusionSite immediately for disaster relief to rent a porta potty unit

Giving Back to Our Communities

A bad situation like a natural disaster can quickly become worse without reliable access to portable toilets. FusionSite’ rental porta potties help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in an emergency situation when hundreds of people have been displaced. We take relief efforts extremely seriously when disaster strikes our neighbors, because we know that the next time a disaster happens, it could be our own families who are impacted. Many of our staffers were born and raised right here in Tennessee, and some have worked at FusionSite for more than two decades. If we feel like a “neighborly” company to you – that’s because we are your neighbors!

FusionSite takes great pride in serving the communities of middle Tennessee. As our communities have grown and prospered, we’ve been right there in the background the whole time, providing a necessary service to our friends and neighbors. And we hope to be doing the same thing for the next several decades, thanks to the support of clients and customers like you.

  • 40 years of service in middle Tennessee from FusionSite

  • Largest porta potty rental outlet in the southeast

  • Porta potties for construction, disaster site cleanup, special events and more

  • Reliable service and amazing worry-free guarantees from FusionSite

  • Contact our office today to rent a porta potty


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