According to Portable Sanitation Association International estimates, there are 3.6 million portable restrooms in use today.  

That’s are a lot of portable bathroom rentals out there in the world. So how do the experts clean all of them? This question is just one of many surrounding how companies deal with their porta john maintenance. 

Let’s start by answering your questions about how to clean your portable bathroom.

How Do You Deal With Others’ Businesses? 

The number one issue with cleaning a portable toilet is biological waste. After all, according to the US EPA’s Hazardous Waste Program

“There’s an established system for controlling hazardous waste from the time it is generated until its ultimate disposal.”  

Professionals need to evacuate the waste via a vacuum system stored in, or attached to, a sanitation truck to remove and deal with this waste. The waste is then transported to the nearest local wastewater treatment facility. 

Contrary to popular belief, portable loos are more environmentally friendly than indoor plumbed toilets, which flush away 1.6 gallons of freshwater per use. 

Domestically, portable toilets save 45 billion gallons of freshwater annually. This is according to the PSAI.

What Do You Use to Clean Surfaces? 

We are lucky that all the surfaces in a porta toilet are plastic and can be pressure-hosed down. High-pressure washing blasts off surface dirt and grime, along with insects and other debris.

Guaranteeing that all surfaces are then sanitized is critical to making sure there are no lingering bacteria. Some elbow grease is to scrub all the walls and surfaces, which is the best way to remove bacteria.  

The truth is that portable toilets are usually cleaner than an office keyboard. Now, where does the blue chemical additive come into play?

What Is The Blue Chemical Additive?

While you don’t need to be an eagled-eye individual to notice the blue liquid in portable loos, what is it exactly?

It is a deodorizing dye that helps mask smells. Every rental toilet company has a different formula. But usually, they include:

  • Biocides help stop the growth of odor-producing bacteria
  • Dye is a part of the mix to hide the contents of the toilet
  • Fragrance is what you’d imagine it is, masking smells
  • Surfactants that help the scent dissolve into the solution

Getting the mixture right is critical to users enjoying their experience. When the unit is charged, the blue additive starts out green. Over time and use it changes color to indicate when it should be changed. 

How Am I Going to Clean My Hands?

We’ve all become well acquainted with hand sanitizer and its importance. Before any unit is sent out to the site, we check that there’s enough sanitizer and toilet paper.

For luxury restroom trailers, which come with a sink and climate control, we stock paper towels. Let’s now talk about hiring a portable toilet. 

How to Hire a Portable Bathroom Rental

It’s never been easier to get a portable bathroom rental for your next conference, outing, sporting event, camping trip, festival, and more!

So, when you’re thinking about, “How are Portable Bathrooms Cleaned?” now you know. It takes hard work and effort to ensure your portable bathroom rental is clean. 

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