Why do porta-potties get such a bad rap? 

A portable restroom is convenient, right? Whether you’re improving your store and need bathroom space for customers, you’re throwing an outdoor party or event, or you just want to provide a public convenience, a good portable bathroom is a great solution.

But why do so many people feel “icky” about using a porta john? 

We have a few ideas. We want to talk about some of the potential reasons for that porta potty stigma and maybe even dispel some common myths. Keep reading to learn more. 

They’re “Dirty” 

Have you ever been to a concert, festival, or another overcrowded event? 

These events often seriously underestimate the number of portable restrooms that they need and patrons can be messy and crowd them. This results in restrooms that get dirty and start to smell. 

Thus, the stereotype of the smelly porta potty is born. It’s a shame that these people have had these experiences. It’s reasonable for them to have this belief.

In reality, a good porta potty company can help you decide how many portable restrooms you need for your event and where you should place them. This means fewer crowds and less mess. There are even sanitizer stations to kill germs.

They’ll also help you service them throughout the event to ensure that you never have a problem even when things get messy. 

They’re “Cheap”

Portable restrooms have the stereotype of being the cheap option. If you have porta potties at your event, they might stand out like a sore thumb and give your entire event a bad look. 

We’re not sure what caused that “cheap” stereotype. Is it the plastic shell? Is it the lack of flushing or sinks? Maybe it’s the bold colors that people are used to or the small size.

Modern portable restrooms can blend right into your space with neutral colors. They can even be handicap-accessible so size doesn’t have to be an issue. In other words, they don’t have to look “cheap”.

People will be surprised about how nice a porta potty can look, especially if they encounter luxury options.

People Have Never Seen a Quality Portable Bathroom

Speaking of luxury options, have you ever been in a luxury portable restroom? Most people haven’t, and that’s understandable. They’re a relatively new occurrence.

When you haven’t seen high-quality restrooms, how can you break yourself from the stigma?

This isn’t your typical porta john rental. These bathrooms have sinks and mirrors, they’re climate-controlled, and they even have nice flooring. They’re perfect for special events, but most people don’t even know that they’re an option! 

Are You In Need of High-Quality Portable Restrooms?

You can help to quash the stigma at your next outdoor event. Your portable toilet rentals can be clean, high-end, and surprising to your guests. Are you interested?

We’ve got you covered. You can get a quote today for your next portable bathroom rental needs so we can find the right options for you.