Did you know that the Porta Potty was first invented in the 1960s? This was the first example of a portable toilet. The concept has evolved since then and today, there are entire portable restrooms. 

A luxury restroom trailer is great to have at various outdoor events. But what do you need to make sure this trailer works properly? Is it complicated to set one up?

Keep reading and learn more about how a luxury restroom trailer works. 

What Do You Need to Make a Luxury Restroom Trailer Work?

Luxury bathroom trailers are unique because they are very spacious compared to portable toilets. They often have enough room for sinks, mirrors, paper towel dispensers, and so on. They also have laminated floors and climate control to ensure that the inside doesn’t get too hot or cold. 

This is important if the trailer is baking under the sun all day. While these luxurious portable bathrooms are more complex than the average option, they aren’t difficult. You don’t need much to make them run either. 

The main necessity is running water. This is necessary for the toilets and sinks. This does not mean that you have to hook the trailer up to the city’s water supply. 

Instead, you can opt for a garden hose connected to a water spigot. A long hose will allow you to reach the trailer no matter where you put it. Just make sure that it’s within the hose’s range. 

You can connect the hose to the trailer and call it a day. The toilet will start working once the running water is connected.

The Details

If a hose and spigot aren’t on hand, don’t worry. 

Instead, you can get large water tanks and connect them to the bathroom trailer. This will produce the same result. It is best to get very large water tanks for this type of bathroom, around 500 gallons. 

This is especially true if there will be many people at your event. This is because the water tanks will run out after enough people use the bathroom. There will be an obvious problem if those water tanks run out. 

This is why it is best to use a spigot and water hose, if possible. Once you hook the bathroom up to a water source, it will run as it’s supposed to. This will keep the bathroom clean and functional for as long as you need it. 

A luxury bathroom trailer is perfect for outdoor events like weddings, charity events, and music concerts. These bathrooms are far more comfortable than your typical portable toilet. 

There is much more room and the trailer is much more sanitary. Such a trailer can drastically improve the quality of any event. 

How to Run a Luxury Restroom Trailer

A luxury restroom trailer is a great thing to have at your next outdoor event. It is easy to run since all you need to do is hook it up to a water supply. Your guests can then enjoy all the luxury that this trailer has to offer. 

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