Have you ever needed a public restroom last but couldn’t find one? It’s become a noticeable problem, especially over the last two years. A recent report shows the U.S. has only eight public toilets per 100,000 residents. In many public restrooms, the conditions are dismal and unsanitary.

It’s no wonder so many people wait until they get home—they don’t have many options.

If you’re planning for a crowd, you can’t miss this article. Read on and explore the latest innovation in public restroom facilities—the boudoir porta potty rental.

What Is a Boudoir Porta Potty Anyway?

The word boudoir has French roots. It refers to a woman’s bedroom, dressing room, or private sitting room.

Sounds a little mysterious and fancy. Not something you’d associate with restrooms, right?

Make no mistake. A boudoir porta potty rental unit offers everything you could imagine would matter when you need a public restroom. 

Standard porta john rentals include the basics. Your guests will have a place to relieve themselves. That’s as basic as it gets.

A boudoir porta potty provides the basics and much more. Features may include:

  • Flushable toilet
  • Handwashing sink
  • Soap and paper towel dispenser
  • Shelf for personal belongings
  • Coat hooks
  • Mirror

Depending on the unit, some also include motion-activated lighting. 

This type of portable toilet rental gives guests a touch of luxury that standard units can’t offer. Your guests will have much to talk about after their restroom breaks.

Any Event Can Benefit from a Luxury Restroom Rental

By now, you’re likely wondering offering a luxurious restroom experience is appropriate for your next event. When you think about public restrooms, just about any location could use a nicer, cleaner porta potty. 

Imagine the events you’ve attended recently. What were the restroom facilities like?

People rent a porta potty for a wide range of gatherings, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Music festivals
  • Family reunions
  • Job fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Swap meets

And here’s one many people don’t think about — outdoor weddings.

Rent a Porta Potty for Your Wedding

Up until recently, people postponed weddings or canceled them altogether.

With a decrease in health concerns, couples are planning marriage celebrations again! The wedding industry expects to see an increase of 20-25% in weddings starting in late 2021 and continuing through 2022. 

A luxury port a john rental means you and your guests won’t need to worry about finding a suitable restroom. Instead, guests will rave about your boudoir porta potty. 

Additional Porta Potty Rental Benefits

We’ve already listed several key features of luxury portable toilet rentals. Here are two more:


Standard porta johns measure around 47″L x 43.5″W x 91″H. A boudoir porta potty measures approximately 61″ L x 61 “W x 86.5 “H. 

Keep in mind that each rental company uses its own model. Measurements may differ slightly.


In addition to supplying soap and paper towels, many rental companies also offer routine cleaning services during your event.

When you rent a larger-sized unit, you cater to all your guests, even those with mobility or other limitations. And who wouldn’t appreciate a clean restroom experience?

Ready to Rent Your Boudoir Porta Potty?

When you’re planning your next corporate or family event, don’t forget to consider the vital needs of your guests. Offering a clean, roomy restroom solution means a fantastic time for everyone. 

Here at FusionSite, we help clients who need a porta potty rental. We also handle restroom trailer rentals. 

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