Did you know that the average person needs to pee up to eight times a day?

Throw in some extra drinks at a festival or a wedding, and this number could shoot up. This will make other people’s business your business.

If you are organizing an event, you will have to consider whether there are enough toilets to go around. Suppose you are expecting hundreds, or even thousands, of people. In that case, a portable bathroom rental is going to be your best option.

Your event is already costing a lot of money. You may not want to spend a fortune on portable bathrooms. However, there are plenty of options to fit every budget.

Keep reading to understand what factors will impact the cost of your portable bathroom rental.

Type of Portable Bathroom 

When you first think of a Porta John, it is probably the standard blue or green version that comes to mind. These are the most common and the most affordable. They are often used at large festivals and events.

However, there are numerous types of portable bathrooms available. Some will suit the disabled or provide a separate sink to wash and sanitize your hands. Others are suitable for a more fancy event.

You can even get a luxury restroom trailer which will give you all the comforts you will find at home. 

You will have to decide what your needs are. A construction site only needs a basic portable bathroom, which can cost $80 a day. The longer you rent it, the cheaper the daily cost is likely to be.

The deluxe version with mirrors, sinks, interior lighting, and even fresh hand towels could cost a lot more. Some estimates land at up to $350 a day.

How Many Portable Bathrooms Do You Need?

When working out how much a portable bathroom rental will cost, you need to consider how many you will need.

There are different estimates as to how many bathrooms you need per guest. At a wedding, you might want to organize one portable bathroom for every 25 guests.

Larger events will settle on one portable bathroom for every 100 female guests, with fewer for men.

The number of portable bathrooms you rent, and the length of time for which you rent them, will be a major factor in the cost.

Do You Need the Bathrooms Serviced?

Suppose you are holding an event over multiple days or have a construction site underway for weeks. In this case, you will need to make a plan to dispose of hazardous waste and clean out the portable bathrooms.

Some companies will offer to service the portable bathroom rentals for you at an additional cost.

These professionals will have the right tools and skills to return the portable bathrooms to their former glory.

Find the Right Portable Bathroom Rental

You may be planning a wedding or simply want an extra toilet during a house party. There are different options to suit every budget. Sometimes, it may be cheaper to opt for a portable bathroom rental than to clean up an overly congested bathroom.

Contact us now for a free quote and find out exactly how much your portable bathrooms will cost.