Usually, music festivals typically last 3 or 4 days. In between amazing musical sets, attendees search the grounds for a porta potty before they have to move on to the next artist.

All music festival-goers know that they all hope and pray to find a porta potty that is in good condition and stocked with toilet paper.

32 million people go to at least 1 music festival each year. that’s a lot of porta potties that need to be rented out every year from these events alone. Producing a music festival holds a lot of responsibility. The need to rent a porta potty from a reputable company should be at the very top of your list.

Enough clean porta potties can mean the difference between an amazing and sanitary festival experience or frustrating and unsanitary one. Read on to learn about the 3 details you should know before you rent porta potties for your music festival. 

1. How Many Porta Potties Should I Rent? 

The most crucial step you should take when renting porta potties for music festivals, or any event, is to determine how many people will be attending and how many portable toilets you need. You should also determine how long your event will last. 

Ideally, a professional porta potty rental company should have ratios available based on the people you will have in attendance. 

2. How Often Will the Porta Potties Have to be Cleaned? 

Long rental periods for music festivals will require multiple cleanups. Talk to the rental company about renting out porta potties with larger that take longer to fill up. That is especially important if you will have many people using the toilets as you will have in festivals. 

The porta potties will be used often, especially if it’s an all-ages event because kids tend to use the restroom more often compared to adults. People will use the restrooms often if the event have food trucks and places where you can buy alcoholic beverages. Make sure that the rental company you are considering provides a porta potty cleaning service. 

3. Does the Venue Already Have Toilets? 

Sometimes, music festival companies own the grounds for the event. That means that sometimes you will find permanent indoor restrooms throughout the festival grounds.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to rent out porta potties though, it just means that you could rent a little less. It’s important for there to be enough restrooms to avoid frustrating long lines and for everyone at the campsites to have access to restrooms without having to hike a mile. 

If you’re organizing a festival, it is a priority to get enough porta potties. Even if you think you’re overdoing it with the amount, you’re probably not. The porta potty rental company will also help you determine what are the best locations for your porta potties. 

Looking to Rent a Porta-Potty for Your Music Festival? 

Once you know how many people bought tickets to your event, do yourself a favor and mark off “rent a porta potty” off your to-do list. 

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