Bathrooms aren’t the most glamourous thing to plan for when putting together a party, but having plenty of options available will keep your guests happy and comfortable. If you don’t have multiple options available at your party location, you may want to rent a porta potty to accommodate more guests. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to do when renting a porta-potty. 

Check Laws in Your Area

Before committing to a portable toilet rental for your party, check any laws or guidelines in your local area and neighborhood. Sometimes there are zoning or environmental laws that prevent the use of porta potties in specific areas.

There may also be rules with the HOA, so it’s wise to touch base with them before renting a porta-potty. 

Consider Size of Guest List

Plan out your guest list for the party before ordering a porta john rental. This way, you know the number of porta potties you need and can seek accurate quotes. 

The general rule of thumb is one porta-potty per 50 guests. 

Know the Different Types

There are several porta potty options to choose from. They can vary in size, quality, and amenities included. The different porta potties are:

Depending on the type of event, you may want a greater number of the standard option to have plenty available for your guests or a more upscale option for formal environments. 

Decide Where You’ll Put It

If you’re considering a portable bathroom rental, think about the layout for your party and whether you’ll have a convenient location for them. Some tips for choosing an ideal location for your porta potties are:

  • Find a spot downwind
  • Flat solid ground
  • Accessible by delivery/clean up crew
  • Secure area
  • Away from children’s areas
  • If multiple, choose different locations
  • Less trafficked 
  • Secure

Sign a Rental Agreement Contract

When renting a porta-potty, you will sign a rental agreement. Read this document carefully to ensure that everything is in order for your event. These contracts include the date and time of delivery, what happens if you encounter a problem, and whether any extras are included.

When choosing a delivery time, schedule it early. It will take some time to set things up and you don’t want to still be doing so when guests start arriving. It’s best to schedule several hours before the start time or even a day early. 

Remember Costs Can Vary

Many factors go into the price of renting a porta-potty. How many you’ll need, length of rental, cleanings, and distance of delivery can all affect the cost. Make sure to cover all this information when getting your quote. 

Ready to Rent a Porta Potty for Your Party?

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