We spend anywhere between 12 to 15 minutes a day on the toilet. This sounds manageable, right? But if you have a large crowd and you’re not hosting an event at home, then it can be a huge problem. Without the right facilities, people will get impatient and upset. Many people will rent porta potties so their guests can relieve themselves comfortably. But did you know that you’re not limited to those large rectangular stalls?

Keep reading to see what your porta potty options are for your next event!

Rollaway Units

Do you need to keep the porta potties hidden during some parts of the day? Or do you need to move them from place to place often? Then you should consider rollaway units for your porta john rental.

These come in a rollaway elevator that allows you to transport them easily. Just roll them out of the elevator and lock them into place to set the porta potties where you want.

Handicap Units

If there’s a chance you might have guests with disabilities, then you should rent some handicap units. After all, 26% of American adults have some type of disability, so you don’t want to leave things to chance.

These units have plenty of space inside so your guests can maneuver without issue. There are also special handles and ramps for additional convenience.

You can also use these porta potties as family bathrooms, as they’ll accommodate small families without issue. 

Hanging Units

These aren’t typically used for events, but rather, for construction work. So if you need some work done before the big day, rent hanging units for your laborers.

Hanging units are built with reinforced steel cabling so they can go up high. This allows workers to use the bathroom without climbing down several hundred feet, then back up again to resume work.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury restroom trailers are optimal for classy events. These have climate controls so no one feels uncomfortable.

Inside, it’ll look as if you’re in a regular bathroom. Guests can use roomy stalls, and when they finish, they can wash their hands in the sinks, dry their hands with soft paper towels, and check themselves in the mirrors.

There’s also beautiful lighting and laminate flooring in these trailers.

Rent the Right Porta Potties for Your Big Day

As you can see, you don’t have to just rent standard porta potties for an event. There are several options available, so consider them all to make it a better time for not just your attendees, but also your workers.

If you find it hard to pick what’s right, then don’t hesitate to speak to the pros. They’re there to help you select porta potty rental options that are perfect for your big day!

If you need portable toilet rental services, then get a quote from us now. Our friendly team is here to help!