Every year, porta potties save about 45 gallons of fresh water. These portable toilets allow people access to clean facilities while being environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, a number of myths surround porta john rental. Some people feel that there are factors holding porta potties back. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths so you can learn the facts about porta potties.

Porta Potties Are Unsanitary

One of the biggest myths about porta potties is that they are unsanitary. However, a picnic table usually houses more germs than a porta potty. Before the service installs it, every unit is cleaned and sanitized. They are also easy to keep clean, making it easy to maintain them.

Porta potties come with hand sanitizer dispensers in every unit. In addition, you may want to consider a portable handwashing sink. Restroom trailers take this even further by offering sinks complete with running water and soap.

They Always Smell

Smelly porta potties do exist and are common. But it is uncleanliness that causes this smell. If you are renting porta potties, keeping them clean and making arrangements for the waste tanks to be emptied and cleaned can take care of the smell. 

You can also opt to have vents that can keep heat and odors away.

They Can Only Be Used for Informal Events

Most people are familiar with seeing porta potties at informal events such as concerts and fairs. These events tend to have the traditional porta potties that are smaller and less formal. But there are other options when it comes to portable bathroom rental.

If you are hosting a more formal event, you may want to consider restroom trailers. These options are more comfortable and have running water, flush toilets, mirrors, and other features. You can even choose trailers that are ADA accessible.

Porta John Rental Numbers Are Limited

Some people believe that you only need one portable toilet for an event. Or they think that if you rent them you may be limited on the number you can rent. The truth is that you can get the number of porta potties that you need.

For some small events, you may only need one portable toilet rental. However, for larger events, you can help prevent your guests from having to wait in line. Simply discuss your needs with your rental company. They’ll help you choose the correct number for your event.

Most Waste Tanks Aren’t Large Enough

Some people think that porta potties can’t store enough waste, leading them to smell and be a hassle to deal with. In fact, a standard porta potty has a 60-gallon waste tank. But you can also opt for additional waste tanks that can hold up to 250 more gallons of waste.

250 gallons of waste can be a little hard for the average person to conceptualize. Over a 40 hour workweek, a 250-gallon waste tank would be large enough to handle a 10 man work crew. But you can also have your service easily empty the tank if needed.

Get the Facts about Porta Potty Rental

If you are looking to rent a porta potty, you might come across quite a few myths. But the truth is porta john rental units are clean and flexible to meet your needs. 

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